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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spielberg and Horsing around the Cinema

It was a cold wet and windy winter evening in the British Capital. It was a much sought after weekend, the weekend after the hell that was exam week. An enriching cinema experience was eagerly awaited, the last visit had been some time back and turned out to be Mission Impossible in reali life. January marks not just the new year and the end of exams for us unfortunate Post Graduate students, but also marks that time of the year with summer being the exception when new block buster movies grace our cinema screens. Among the new releases was Steven Spielberg's 'War Horse' which is based on a children's book and is set during the first world war. Considering Spielberg is the genius mind that brough us movies like'Saving Private Ryan', 'Munich' and let's not forget 'Jurrasic Park', I was kind of looking forward to this movie.

Little did I expect that this would an experience of horsing around at the Cinema. The movie was none the less well made, but seriously Spielberg gave too much on screen time to the Horse, not enough to human characters that were part of this Horse's extraordinary journey through battlefields and war torn country sides on the European mainland. Almost 3 hours of non stop horsing around, imagine the torture of sitting through a movie where almost every scene has the horse in it, who by the way was the lead character of the film.

To summarize the money, long store, poor farm boy owns a good breed horse, his father sells the horse off to the British Royal Army in order to pay off a debt, and it shows the journey of the horse through the war zone, through behind enemy lines, under German posession, and until mysteriously while being caught up in tons of barbed wire ends up back in the British camp, at a time when that same boy was old enough to be serving in the army in that particularly batallion. There were some moments of humour though, when the horse was tied up in barbed wire and there was exchange of comedic dialogue between a German and an English soldier, other than that the film rarely has any light moments to engage the audience humourously. If one is a fan of serious cinema, and can digest a drama like this, with the over glorified horse just horsing around, go right ahead. It's likely to attract some Oscar contention, but yeah this will be a test of one's patience definitely.

This is shorter than my usual blogs, I need not elaborate further, as to why? lol

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