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Saturday, April 14, 2012

People just love arrogance

Last night over dinner, I had the opportunity to engage in an actual meaningful conversation with an old friend. Instead of the usual chit chat that accompanies dinner with old friends especially if you are seeing them after a whle, the conversation covered a lot of things the two of us usually do not talk about. Our conversation started moving towards the discussion of social issues with respect to individual human behavior. One of those aspects of human behaviour our conversation moved to was the human ability to display 'arrogance' as a behaviour trait. Essentially we were discussing how despite the negativity generally associated with arrogance,vanity and pride, people are generally attracted towards those that display a certain degree of arrogance. By arrogance I am refering to where it far exceeds natural human pride, the latter being a good thing and something that should be rightfully a part of our behavioural traits. Interestingly this was not the first time in my life I was engaged in a conversation with a friend aout arrogance. As I remember correctly last year I had a rather very long conversaton with a doctor who happens to be an old acquaintance on the very same subject. What the good doctor suggested made a lot of sense then and continues to make a lot of sense today. The good doctor had suggested that those that display arrogance as part of their day to day behavioural traits are seen as superior or high value individuals. The argument that the Doctor suggested was that those who display arrogance, their percieved as having some reason to be arrogant about, also in a sense suggesting that people are unale to clearly distinguish between pride and vanity, in pretty much the same way people are unable to draw the line between common courtesy and being nice to some one. This also adds credibility to how we percieve and interact with those that display humbleness and behaviour that is labeled as down to earth. We percieve such people as inferior and sub standard by developing the image that these individuals have nothing to be proud off or nothing to offer or nothing that makes them extra ordinary. It can be very easy to assume that human behavior works in this manner with two polar oppossite behavioural traits. One question we should all ask is, is this perceptual attitude of ours a product of conditioned or subliminal learning from our nteraction with the wider society? If one looks at how conventional up bringing takes place in conventional families, usually good human values including humbleness are communicated to the children in the house hold during their growing up years, so where do the complete polar opposite values come into the equation? Considering we live in a world often accused of a moral decline and heading towards a screw or be screwed world, it is entirely possible that our positive attitudes towards negative behavioural traits maybe due to conditioned or subliminal learing from the world we live in, beyond the boundary walls of our family home.

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