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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The movie and the moment

It has only been just a week since I made the journey to North London, and finally picked up my television from my Aunt's place. My old television had been lying in her basement since the fall of 2009, which was when I finished my last MSc degree from King's College London. Though I have been back in the UK since September 2011, it must seem strange to some that I waited till my last few months in this country to go pick my television up. As much as I wanted my television back in my possession, it did not become possible up until now. Due to some reason or the other, picking it kept on getting delayed. Even as I write this, I am back in the world of Free-view television and at the same time I am being bombarded by dozens, if not hundreds of television commercials every evening as I flick through channels.

As I am writing this quick blog, their showing the Will Smith starer Hancock on one of the Free-view television channels. Will Smith is neither my favorite actor, nor this movie among my favorite ones, but this movie does plays some minor significance in my life, in the sense that it is recollection of a moment from my life from about 4 years ago around the same time this movie hit cinema's around the world.

It was Late June or early July, I can not remember the exact date, it was around the time I finished my Undergraduate degree from the University of Sydney in Australia. It was winter time in Australia but Hancock was an eagerly awaited summer globally released block buster, like every other major movie that came out in 2008, me and my friends were eager to catch it at the cinema. Our local cinema which was a chain of Hoyts Cinemas in Australia offered half price movie tickets to all cinema goers on Tuesdays, a ticket that would normally cost 15$ costed about 7 or 8$, the exact figure I do not remember at this moment. I am guessing it was a Sunday or a Monday that we decided that on a Tuesday we were going to watch this movie on half price Tuesdays at Hoyts, this was to be my last cinema outing with my Undergraduate friends. It had been a while since we had our last movie outing, we had all been preoccupied with exams which went on for about a good 3-4 weeks. I was looking forward to one of my favorite things in the world, going to the cinema. Little did I know that it was an outing that never happened.

The plan did not end up getting cancelled, even though I was a central figure in that evening which should have happened, I could not participate in the evening's outing. Due to some very personal reasons, I had to very unexpectedly pre-pone my departure out of Australia by an entire week, and I only learnt about my departure just over 24 hours earlier. I would say this was the point in life where I was seriously seriously pressed for time. Just a day I had a whole 7 day week to wrap up my life and everything, and now just 24 hours in which to close my bank account, cancel my internet subscription, end my mobile contract, clear out dues with my land lord and also get rid of tons of stuff just so I can meet my airline's baggage allowance. An evening which was supposed to be a final ritual visit to my local cinema never happened, and instead I broke bread with my Undergraduate friends for the very last time. Before I knew it, I was saying my Goodbye's to everyone as I would have been at the departure lounge of Sydney airport even before most of my friends could wake up.  It was an unexpected to 4 glorious years spent on that continent, in that amazing country, surrounded by such fantastic people, it is because of the unexpected twists and turns that life took around those few days that every time Hancock is shown on television, it sort of takes me to a brief trip down memory lane and brings back memories of final good byes and a cinema outing that never happened. Hence this is a movie for which there to it, is attached a moment. 

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