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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Age is but Quite Relative...

The title I have given this blog would give off the impression that is pretty much self explanatory. For some it is, while others age implies a set of norms, values, behavior traits, personality attributes that an individual or a group of individuals is supposed to adopt as they progress in life. It is strange, how especially after you reach adulthood, everything in life is predefined, i.e. in other words when you reach a certain age so and so is expected off you, and when  you reach another milestone another set of attributes concerning you are expected. Is this just naturally the case or is it our inner judgmental selves that seeks to assess attributes of others based on how life has conditioned us?

How often, have we all at some point or the other in life upon reaching adulthood have been communicated by those close to us as well as strangers that when were at a certain age this is how we should or should not behave. For example, when we reach 18, which is the start of our adulthood we are communicated that we should get ready to leave our teenage years behind and begin looking forward to the start of what could be an amazing journey ahead. When we finish University, a different set of expectations are thrown before by us by our loved ones and the wider society of what our role and place in the social structure is, and as we move through the remainder of our adulthood years, be it our late 20s, early 30s or even seasoned years, more and more expectations just keep coming our way.

Does it ever for a moment occur to any one that maybe, just maybe, life has no hard and fast rules, every human being is unique in their own sense, in their own way, maybe the wider expectations we have from people we know can not be practically applied to every single person? The way each and every individual is unique, so is the life that we live, so are the opportunities and threats that come our way, sometimes some things, some circumstances, some set of events that are a norm for many, sometimes they might pass some of us by. In other words empty spaces and some vacant gaps in our lives might exist as we move into adulthood that might make us some what unprepared for the next step or the next stage of life awaiting us. An empty space or a missed out experience or opportunity might prevent us from being ready for the next stage in life or might be holding us back from taking the next step.

If you ask, I will come back to a point I feel very strongly about, we all live different lives, we are all different people in our way, hence there should not be a hard and fast rule to life. We should not judge or allow ourselves to be judged for standing out, for being on a course or a path of life which is different from those similar to us, we should welcome and embrace the diversity that people are bringing to the table with their uniqueness. For all we know, the person standing right next to us, their life might be heading for the road less traveled, and it takes brave souls to walk down the path of the road less traveled. 

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