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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Possessiveness is in the air

For quite some time now, I have been writing about the commodity effect on human values as well as debating with other people in real time. I am certain I am not the first person who has given this notion some thought, nor will I be the last one. In theory I have tried advocating that our values as human beings are becoming indirectly materialistic and that also at an alarming rate. In my theory I have also added that this effect is being brought about my competitive pressures of the world that we live in and our heightened exposure to the dynamics of the free market.

 Do not get me wrong here, I am not an advocate of socialism as socialism like capitalism itself is not without its flaws. What the free market does is, it provides as individual beings with an abundance of choice with regards to how we consume goods,services and resources, this is where my thought comes in that we start treating other people like choices as if their another product or brand stacked up on the aisle of a super market.

The consumer culture materialism that see in the ever changing world around us, instills within us a sense of possessiveness about our belongs, material objects that are a part of our lives. I am certain quite a few people can relate to this, we all have possessions that we are very deeply attached to and attach great value to them. Same way, this behavior can be reflective of our attitude with respect to how we engage and interact with the people we meet in our lives especially as young adults. In the very same manner, we have tendencies to display a level of possessiveness for the people that are a part of our lives and our social life.

 It is not unnatural for us to  give importance to those that play an important role in our lives and be attached to those that have touched our lives at some point or the other, it is called being human. However the extent to which people exercise or display possessiveness of their friends or their social circle can be regarded as border line anti social behavior, where sentiments that friends and peers are not for sharing, similar to the manner in which we might not want to share some of our belongings. The way lack of common courtesy socially or practicing social discrimination can be classified as borderline anti social behavior, i think in all fairness this set of behavior should be put in the same category, where people treat their friends like possessions that belong to them and act uncomfortable and at times borderline hostile when composition of their social order changes. A lot of in depth thinking is not required, just a moment to think when was the last time we remembered that our friends engaged us with their friends, how many times have people tried to keep their peers at distance from other peers.

I could be wrong, this is meant to be just food for I always say this about me, I am always some one who walks the road less traveled.  

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