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Monday, March 25, 2013

PTI Followers ko Samjhao, Siyasat Nahin Riyasat Bachao

Not that I was entirely surprised, I supposed I had it coming and I should have been mentally prepared. Quick Recap, Over this past weekend, I got a lot of abusive, derogatory verbal vomit for a status update on Facebook. My Facebook status mere said 'So How Many People are Wasting their Saturday by attending the PTI Jalsa in Lahore, Especially Those From Karachi'. I personally consider attending political rallies a big waste of time, and in this day and age where security has become a big concern in Pakistan, it is wise to avoid such large processions. Simple Question, could have lead to an honest answer, but fans of Imran Khan, who I affectionately like calling Phanay Khan threw out unlimited venom at me. For clarification these were not the infamous PTI Social media trolls, rather your every day followers of Imran Khan, those who believe in him. Fine good for you, you believe in the guy, you believe in his promise of change, good for you, leave me the hell alone. In a way it wasn't a total loss, such irrational aggressive overly emotional fans of Imran Khan lived up to their reputations, and it also created the opportunity to expose the hypocritical nature of some people I know, who would blindly go on attacking people yet expect others to observe silence. Some of them were not even happy with Silence, when I was being patient and silent I got accused of being condescending and disrespectful, when I spoke, though I was very diplomatic and non aggressive, I got to hear further bullshit. Khan saab, if you read this blog, I urge you to ask your followers to show patience, tolerance and compassion and avoid blasting every person alive who doesn't believe in you.

I am certain you have received such complaints from your opponents as well as the public in general about the hostile nature and attitude of your followers and your party workers. Such levels of aggression and hostility is not good in a volatile environment like that off Pakistan, where tempers are already flaring and people are losing their ability to show compassion and empathy towards other people, especially those with beliefs that differ from theirs. I understand Khan saab that a seasoned and educated chap like you understands the need for compassion and open communication for a society to be progressive in nature. We live in a society, where people are murdered in cold blood for their views, yesterday your followers are labeling those that do not follow you as unpatriotic, today they are unleashing severe verbal vomit, tomorrow they will be asking party workers to arrange for coffins and hunt down those of us who do not believe in you.

Isn't this supposed to be the beauty of democracy that it is about listening to the various voices that people, and giving people the freedom to choose their destiny. My reasons what so ever for not believing you doesn't mean I do not respect you as an individual, a human being and a man of sound character. At the same time I am genuinely entitled to having my own political opinions, my own perceptions and accordingly how I choose to exercise my democratic right. Come this May in the National Elections, I intend to vote not for a politician, not for a political party, but I will vote for Pakistan, it is a matter of great urgency that put aside ego's, old animosities and this political mumbo jumbo and think as a nation, what needs to be done in both the short term and the long term. I would also urge you to think long term, you can't be the change people expect you to be, but I believe you can be part of it. It is my utmost request to you also that, screw politics, save the nation, save Pakistan.


  1. But they have the same right to talk about u aswell... thts democracy isnt it?