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Monday, August 19, 2013

The Ramzan Tooth

Most of us are familiar with the use of the expression, 'the sweet tooth' which is often used to describe one's desire and developed taste buds for all tasty edible sweet and sugar delights. I would like to make an addition to the sweet tooth expression in today's usage, the 'Ramzan Tooth'. To simply put it, the Ramzan Tooth is the desire and taste for all the wonderful sweet as well as savory snacks that the holy month of Ramzan has to offer to the would be worshipers. The sweet and savory, the hot and the cold, all consumed during the month can make things slightly uncomfortable for those with sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth can be a real cause of concern for those that have them. It becomes a daunting task manage your intake of various kinds of food. Be it the sweet, the sour, the hot or the cold. I myself am no stranger to that feeling as I too have sensitive teeth and gums and have very clear memories of the days where I struggled to eat some of the every day delights, especially those targeting my sweet tooth. A point had reached in my life where I had to make do without some of the sweet edible pleasures of life, as well as the slightly harder to chew food.

Ramzan becomes a testing time for food lovers, as a result of which fasting turns into a pre dawn feasting and another feasting which follows at sun set. The food that follows at sun set during iftar or the breaking of the fast can cause a tingle or two for those with sensitive teeth. The iftar meal usually features a diverse mix of sweet and savory as well as the hot and the cold, let's not forget all the important date (the khajoor) with which millions break their fast nation wide. The date itself can be a source of prickly pain for those with sensitive teeth and that bit I know all too well, I have had to go through a Ramzan some years back without having dates which are like majorly essential. Other items one finds on a typical Pakistani iftar table includes savory items such as the Samosa and Pakora, as well the super sugary sweet called the Jalebi. The latter due its high sweetness content can be a nightmare to eat if one is not in the best of scenarios with respect to their teeth.

Very recently towards the end of Ramzan in the last Ashra, Colgate Palmolive Pakistan staged an iftar get together at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi. Among those attending included bloggers such as myself, some local celebrities such as chef Asad, as well as those in the social media industry and most importantly dentists. You can't have an event about care for sensitive teeth and leave behind dental health practitioners. The event was exclusive invite only red capet affair. The purpose of this event was to highlight the need to maintain good oral health and to be able to manage the effects of sensitive teeth including the constraints caused by them.

The event was the brainchild of their public relations manager Samar Irshad who managed to do a reasonable job at organizing and conducting the event. During the brief talk at the event, chef Asad highlighted the challenges of having sensitive teeth and how a tooth paste such as Colgate Sensitive purpose made for those that have sensitive teeth helped him over come difficulties or the obstacles in his passion for food, which is an essential trait considering his profession. The event organizers at Colgate Palmolive Pakistan were kind enough to give us the opportunity to try out their new offering i.e. the tooth paste by giving all attending guests a gift basket with Colgate Sensitive as well as some other premium Colgate products. The evening finally came to a conclusion at around 9 pm so as to allow the attending guests to continue with other Ramzan and Eid related activities in the remainder of the evening.

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