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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pakistani's must not Forget Not Youm-e-Ghadari (DAY OF TREASON)

Very Recently it was the 23rd of March, the day we Pakistani's celebrate as Pakistan day, marking the anniversary of the Lahore Resolution in 1940 when Pakistan movement kicked off. The decision was made by the All India Muslim League for Taqseem e Hind (Partition of India) in order to create a separate homeland of the Muslims of the subcontinent. The leader of the All India Muslim league at the time was Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who is now revered to as the founding father of modern Pakistan.  The efforts and the hand work of the Pakistan movement finally took shape in the year 1947 when India gained independence from Great Britain and Pakistan came into being. The Pakistan that Muhammad Ali Jinnah, most popularly referred to as Quaid e Azam is today not the country what the father of the nation gave us back in 1947. One can say we are just left with half of it, we could say half the country decided to part ways, or we can say we were betrayed in the year that was 1971.

1971 was the year what was then East Pakistan decided to part ways with us after a brutal civil war with the help of government sitting in New Delhi and the Indian army that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of unarmed innocent civilians. If you speak to people from Bangladesh, those raised with their dosage of patriotism will tell you that the civil war began on 26th March 1971, that was the day that people of East Pakistan, more specifically Awami League political workers decided to unilaterally declare independence from Pakistan. They claim it was a necessary exercise after the Pakistan army unleashed its brutality on Dhaka University students under the name of Operation Searchlight which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of university students. Not denying that innocent students did not die, but everyone conveniently fails to mention that Dhaka University was a hot bed for Anti Pakistan sentiment and that a lot of Awami leaguers were DU Alumni and according to the intelligence reports military personnel at the time received that Awami League thugs were hiding among dense civilian populations as a cover. In other words like they used the citizens of Dhaka as human shields, they used university students as well in addition to brainwashing them against the country founded by their fore fathers just a generation earlier. It was the Bengal vote that made Pakistan a reality, it was the Muslim leaders of Bengal that had made Pakistan reality.

Bangladeshi's would like to call it independence day, I personally think instead of sympathizing with them so much over the events of 1971 to the extent that we become self hating Pakistani's, we should see that particular date in history, 26/3/71 as the day of treason, and all of us Pakistani's should remember the day we were betrayed on a very large scale by very own all owing to the personal political greed of politicians of the time. This is a convenient excuse that the civil war began after operation search light, the reality is that mass scale rioting and violent civil unrest began on the streets of Dhaka and Chittagong from many weeks before operation search light happened. It was due to the mass civil unrest happening in the province which the police could not over come that the army had to be called in from the barracks to help quell the trouble makers who were unleashing all kinds of hell in the then urban East Pakistan.

Thousands of West Pakistani's already settled in the province were now conveniently seen as outsiders, foreigners sucking the blood of the local people, not only were their properties vandalized and sabotaged, but tens of thousands of West Pakistani's, Bihari's in particular were brutally massacred in an industrial style manner as recorded by Sarmilla Bose in her book Dead Reckoning. The book has been banned in Bangladesh as well as India, because it challenges the traditional conventional narrative of the 1971 war. The traditional narrative for those unaware of their Pakistan history, Sheikh Mujib won the 1970 General Elections and was supposed to form Government in United Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Yahya Khan did not let him and instead the Military unleashed itself on the civilian masses as they peacefully protested for their right to govern. Peacefully they so did not, it was a result of violent thuggish tactics deployed by Awami League party workers which the police with its resources could not curtail which lead to the army coming in.

Their is no denying that the Awami League won a 162 National Assembly seats in the 1970 general elections and had the mandate to form government in Islamabad with their majority in parliament, it is another thing to fight for your rights, it is another thing to commit treason, collude with the enemy and break the country up. No one is denying that the Pakistan army did indeed commit war crimes and great atrocities in the province, yet at the same time we should also not forget the war crimes committed by militant thugs of a political party that resorted to terrorism, the Mukhti Bahini and the other armed wings of the Awami League were indeed terrorists who went on a wild rampage. Find me the example of a single nation even the Western civilized world where domestic home ground separatists resort to terrorism and the state apparatus sheds a blind eye. It was an unnecessary war, the deaths of those tens of thousands of people especially civilians was unnecessary and could have been avoided had it not been for the personal greed of politicians, party workers on both sides, as well as the then Indian governments desire to undo Pakistan. And just how do we know Mujib was not a traitor, according to some Indian historians he had been meeting and planning with the Indian establishment since the early 60's, and the way that his government and his people welcomed an ACTUAL occupying force that invaded their country leaves a lot of room to be debated.
(Below is an image of one of the events immediately post Bangladesh separation)

For those that do not believe in the myth of thorough Indian planning to dismember Pakistan in 1971 should read this article

It is from a Center Right Indian News Paper Dated First Quarter of 2012 and the below image is also from that article. This link is especially for those who label patriotic Pakistani's as delusional fools and believe any Pakistan narrative of the 71 war is bull shit propaganda.

 The demonization of Pakistan for the events of 1970-71 are further fueled courtesy of the media and the liberal leftist lot that passionately loves being Self Hating Pakistani. All the media people in Pakistan and the Self Hating Pakistani's from among Pakistan's leftist liberal lot very much take pleasure in bashing their own country to the best of their ability and are at the same time making countless other young people who look upto them as role models also hate their country. Their communicating sentiments that Pakistan is the worst state in the world when it comes to it's own people and that being Pakistani is kind of like a disease that does not wash off. Such self hating Pakistani's need to just shut the fuck up, enough of their country bashing, their no better than the traitors who broke this country apart.  The British army conducted a brutal crack down in Northern Ireland against the IRA, and it wasn't until they renounced violence and became part of active politics that peace was possible. Same was the case in Spain, the Spanish government unleashed the army against the basque separatists who committed acts of terrorism against the Spanish people.

  If anything the events of 1971 from East Pakistan share a lot of contrasts with what happened in the United States in 1771, which was when the American revolution started and materialized in 1776 with the independence of the 13 colony's. Like in 13 colonies, the British army was all of a sudden over night through propaganda dubbed an occupying foreign force, the same thing happened in East Pakistan in 1971 when the Pakistan army was labeled an occupying foreign force, when in reality they were soldiers in what was just another province of their own country, and also the foreign invasion intervention in both cases played a vital role in shaping the events of history. In the American revolution, The French Intervened and choked the British armed forces, and in East Pakistan, it was the Indian armed forces that chocked and surrounded the Pakistan army to the point of surrender. 

A detailed comparison with the American Revolution will follow on a later date, maybe in this year's December 16th blog. 
Till then happy reading. 

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  1. you should take time out to read the book "A Stranger in My Own Land" by the late Maj Gen (r) Khadim Hussain Raja, GOC East Pakistan in 1971.

    he is very candid with how Pak Army and West Pakistani elite behaved in East Pakistan given he was commanding a full division there. or do you want to call him a traitor as well?