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Monday, August 18, 2014

Oh Robin Robin Robin.

Oh Robin Robin Robin, it has been days now since your passing but you will surely be missed. Your among the first out of Hollywood whose absence will leave a small void in my life along with millions of your other fans around the world. Even after your passing, I am afraid people will never learn, millions before you suffered from this terrible personal crises, and millions will continue to suffer, some will find the courage to live with it, for some it will be all too much, yet people will never learn or listen or care, because the reality is that is the world that we live in. A world that is apathetic and insensitive towards the feelings, thoughts, inspirations and weaknesses of others almost to the extent where other human beings around them are non existent or any signs of being human are non existent. It is a reality of the world we live in that conveniently chooses to forget that other human beings around us are just as human, not too different from the rest of us, this is what leads to the attitude of people towards those suffering from depression. First of all, there is the refusal among many to even acknowledge that depression exists, some confuse it human laziness, inefficiency or the attitude of always making excuses.

If people are not able to acknowledge that depression is a reality that does exist, how else can we expect people to realize that we can at times unintentionally contribute towards it. Only after acknowledgment can there be a sense of empathy, which I personally feel is the real element missing there and the root of the whole problem. Failure to feel empathy results in us conveniently overlooking the emotions and feelings of others around us and unintentionally contribute to another's suffering. Our apathy can do great damage, while at the same time we fail to realize that very small gestures of kindness towards those suffering from depression can go a long way in helping and healing a fellow being, especially if our lives are directly or indirectly linked to that person. Oh Robin, such is the nature of our fellow human beings, till disaster strikes them on a personal level, or find themselves in the same shoes as others people will not understand what it means to suffer. To too much ME ME ME attitude of people doesn't help either.

Oh Robbin, I do not know how long you suffered and I do not want to pass any judgment on the final decision you made in  your life, I really do not. I do not want to because I was not in your shoes, I wasn't seeing your life, what was going on behind the public face. We all have that private face that private mood of our lives, behind the scenes of what and who we are in public, we are after all the product of our lives and our environment. Every moment, every day, every event and every person we meet in life has some effect on us in one way or the other. It doesn't really help that we are exposed to a lot of information and digital interaction with the world around us, that contributes to our thoughts and our feelings. As easy as it is for people to say snap out of it or move on or don't give a shit about what people think, it is easier said than done. The last thing someone experiencing depression needs is further negativity. I hope you were not on the receiving end of such cruel apathy.

Oh Robbin, as an actor you have managed to do a fantastic job to inspire us, motivate us and to make us laugh, if the reality of your mortal life was a dark and grim one. My first memory of watching you on the big screen was in Jumanji, I was too young to remember the deeper themes in the film, but I left the cinema feeling very pleasant. I remember your very touching performance in Bicentennial man as a robot that yearned to feel and be human regardless of the vulnerabilities and imperfections of the human world your character saw. And then there is ofcourse your Oscar winning performance in Good Will Hunting as an academic and a reluctant therapist that plays a significant role in shaping the life of a young man who was nothing more than a stranger to your character in the film. Long before that you were the very lovable all blue Genie in Disney's Aladin, for those of us who grew up in the 90's that will stay one of our favorite animated movies and your character one of our most loved ones. Your character wanted to Free, I hope you are free, free from pain, free from suffering and in a much better place.

I honestly would love to stay rest assured, the world will  change for the better, at this moment in time, I am not too optimistic about it. I do not see it happening in the near future as we are continuously preoccupied with desensitizing ourselves of emotion since it is seen as a sign of weakness. I honestly do not know, how many more people we are going to lose to depression, many do not even acknowledge it exists. One can just hope, patiently hope upon hope, for humanity has yet to lose hope completely, it's got the world spinning. Rest in Peace Robbin, you are leaving behind a void that will be very hard to fill.

Good Bye Robbin, the big bad world will hurt you no more

Good Bye Genie, your finally free.

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