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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dear Pakistani's, Please forget Khan.

Dear Fellow Pakistani's

Assalam O Alaikum

I hope all of you are well today and have not been too overly sensitized by the events of these past few weeks in our nation's capital. If you guys have been sensitized to a certain extent by what your seeing on TV, change the channel, I am sure something alternative would be a good change of scene. If you are just bored from the whole circus in Islamabad, have a break have a Kit Kat, switch the TV off, go outside the weather seems decent enough to step out.

Today I am writing to you with the best of intentions and my purpose here is not to incite, provoke or aggravate anyone here. I am not a schadenfreude, I do not particularly enjoy lighting a match as per say, but this something I need to say for the sake of the youth in my country, the teenagers as well as the young adults. I can not any further hold myself back, this Imran Khan is our national hero business has to end, he is no longer a good role model for the youth of Pakistan.

I am very aware so many of you see him as a national hero and the reasons that go behind it. For some of you he is the child hood hero who won the World Cup in addition to countless cricketing achievements, for some of you he is the philanthropist who built Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, while for some of you he represents a break from norm, tradition and status, and pretty much every demerit that goes with it. Some of the reasons are as follows in a non organized format. It is all my personal view, feel free to disregard it, but please read it with an open mind.

He encourages rowdy aggressive rude and hostile behavior among the youth that follow him
He encourages breaking discipline, defying law and order
He encourages intolerance for difference of opinion which is very reflective in his attitude towards his opponents as well as creating an army of volunteer social media trolls that are brutally violent towards those criticizing him and PTI.
He encourages civil disobedience, never a good thing, his was never was the Gandhian type.
He encourages violence and disruption to every day life, which has happened to millions of Pakistani's in these past few weeks.
He uses very bad language towards his opponents, open mudslinging off sorts, and encourages the youth to engage in the same kind of bad language use against their leaders. Very distasteful for a neutral and some years ago there would have been serious reprecussions for such language. Such language was also used in his election campaign across 2012 and 2013.
He is encouraging arrogance among the youth, we do not need another generation of urban middle class douche bags
He makes false promises to the youth, promises that he can not deliver, how many has he delivered on, has any one kept check?
He is all talk, all talk of problems and blaming the current Government for every single of them, wouldn't his energy be best suited for SOLUTIONS to those problems. Hello he is in opposition, he can have his voice heard.
This whole Islamabad Circus was a complete national waste of time and has badly badly hurt the economy. You Salaried class will not understand what the business community and the trader class has had to go through so shussh.
He totally disregarded major pockets of the country from among his potential voters, particular those in Urban Sind outside Karachi. Khan saab there is more to Sind than Karachi.
He is arrogant and over confident, and not to mention his I am Pakistan's messiah complex which is also what hundreds of thousands believe in.
Continous use of allegations without substantial proof.
Also where was all of this when PPP was in power, i see this as personal enemity with Nawaz
And Ofcourse being a SORE LOSER.

So Please, sit, relax, take a deep breath, have your favorite treat and think over it for a moment. Just food for thought.

Kind Regards
A Seriously Concerned Pakistani

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