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Monday, September 1, 2014

This Imran Khan is our hero Business Needs to End For Pakistan's Sake.

OMG OMG OMG IMMY K WOW WOW WOW, HE IS OUR HERO and Nawaz is the biggest Evil in the World, Immy K will Save us, Inquilab Azadi March, Inquilab Azadi March, Azad Chowk. These are the words and thoughts coming out from among PTI supporters, voters and party loyalists. I write this while PTI and PAT (Pakistani Awami Tehrik) workers and supporters had stormed the offices of the State Television channel PTV and had forced it to go off air, reports on social media also suggest that PTV staff had been assaulted or mistreated by these very aggressive political workers while PTI counter comments have labeled PTV as an evil that needs to be stopped. While the storming of the PTV station happened, Imran Khan the chairman of the PTI said live on a private TV channel that PTV needs to be taken over because of the lies and misinformation that they are spreading about their campaign and their so-called struggle. Let's not forget the breaking and entering into the premises of the National Assembly and calls for marching towards the Prime Minister house, all within the high security red zone of Islamabad. With everything they have done in these past few weeks, they have shot themselves in the foot and they are now on the wrong side of history.

There is no denial that the media is split over these anti-government protests, some are very strong advocates of this so called Azadi march staged by PTI, while some media outlets are very supportive of the current government, and PTV being a state run broadcaster would naturally be just doing their job by toeing the government's line, regardless of whose in power, be it PPP or PMLN or a military government. The attack of this nature against an important state run institution can not acceptable under any circumstnances. After seeing live on television and the brutally aggressive verbal backlash of PTI supporters, it is high time this Imran Khan is our hero business has to end. Hate to break it to die hard Insafians, Imran Khan is not Moses and Nawaz Sharif is not a pharoh who has enslaved a country of 180 million. If anything a man who during his youth was called Cuggoo (dumb idiot) could hardly be capable of running a slave factory.

Now I am not a fan or a supporter of the current government in parliament, regardless of who is in power right now, they are a legitimately elected government by the people of Pakistan with over 10 million votes. Even before the elections it was widely predicted and expected that the PMLN would be forming government after the 2013 general elections, and they very comfortably won a simple majority in government and the generally very popular Pakistan People's Party (PPP) now in opposition gracefully accepted their defeat in an election which was their worst performing one for decades. Even while in opposition during the 2008 PPP lead coalition goverment, PMLN had 90 seats in the National Assembly, which by any means is no ordinary feat. PTI on the other hand had boycotted the previous general elections arguing that elections under the supervision of a military dictator that Imran Khan had a falling out with, would not be fair and transparent. It is quite ironic considering Imran Khan served as a member of the national assembly following the 2002 elections.

Now coming back to 2014, the protests which began a few weeks ago have effectively ruined our national image in the global community, investor confidence has been broken and commercial loss has been in the hundreds of millions. Imran Khan and TUQ have managed to secure all of their demands during these protests with the exception of the resignation of the prime minister. This was a GOLDEN opportunity for Imran Khan and the PTI leadership to claim mega victory and move back by giving their supporters the argument that in order to achieve change sometimes you need to demand big, we got what we came for. It was a very big achievement indeed but Imran Khan is stubbornly stuck on his demand for the resignation of the prime minister and is not abstaining from the politics of mudslinging, not only is he the sole individual mudslinging Nawaz Sharif or his party members, but each and every supporter of PTI around the world has resorted to mega mudslinging of the prime minister, his cabinet and even his family members to the point that it has become very distasteful for the neutral observer. Social media is full of mudslinging attacks on the PM, with the GO Gaaanja Go (GO BALDEE GO) slogans, equating him to an evil of epic proportions.

Similar tactics were also used on social media last year during the general elections where no opportunity was left untouched by PTI and its supporters to mud sling the Sharif's and their family. They were personal character assasination attacks on Nawaz Sharif and his family, since when is character assassination ever a good thing and fair play in political campaigning. Even PMLN's main political rival PPP did not use language or the content of such nature in their competitive campaigns against PMLN in last year's general election. Compared to what the PTI has done, PPP campaigns sound like friendly reminders to PMLN over some of their promises to the people of the Punjab province. As a result of last year's general elections, PTI managed to win 34-35 seats in National Assembly and were also able to form a provincial government in KPK province in coalition with Jamat e Islami (JI). Another golden opportunity for them that they are throwing down the gutter. Some of the reforms and changes they have brought to KPK are indeed commendable and praise worthy in probably one of the most difficult to govern regions, also commendable is their move to halt NATO containers Afghanistan bound in retaliation to drone attacks (though assaulting ordinary truck drivers was unnecessary), it was a golden opportunity for them to divest their entire attention, effort and hard work on making KPK a model province of governance over a course of 5 years. They have till 2018 to do whatever they like with that province.

Yet it seems it was never going to be enough for PTI, they want to be in power in Islamabad and they particularly want the Punjab Cake. The PTI leadership and its supporters have had such a hard hard time coming to terms with the reality that they were not able to secure enough votes to be able to win enough seats to form government in the national assembly shattering the dreams of millions especially among the youth to see Imran Khan as Prime Minister. The Tsunami was not quite what it seemed in the end. During those elections, PTI's sole target were the urban voters, even though majority of Pakistan lives in rural areas across all four provinces even the most urbanized province of Punjab, there was heavy reliance on votes and NA seats from Urban Punjab, Urban KPK and just Karachi and Quetta from the province of Sindh and Balochistan respectively. In Pakistan's second largest province in most places they did not field a known candidate, nor did they do any campaigning activity outside the mega city of Karachi. I often meet PTI voters from regonal cities of Sind who are disappointed over lack of even campaign activity on part of PTI and a complete disregard for the youth in the region. Karachi itself has 20 NA seats, which they were expecting to convincingly clean sweep. That did not happen and they won just 1 NA Seat from Pakistan's largest city that off NA 250 which has a high proportion of affluent educated urban voters.

Speaking of Karachi, it seems PTI has conveniently forgotten its feud with MQM from last year over the results of general elections NA seats from the mega city. They had openly accused MQM of rigging the elections in Karachi and stealing their electoral victory from NA 252 NA 253 and NA 254. In NA 254 by the way elections did not happen because one of the electoral candidates was murdered in broad day light a few weeks before the elections. It is no secret that MQM loyalists gave PTI voters a hard time, some even harassed would be PTI voters as being traitors to their community. PTI however went a step further and even accused MQM of being involved in the murder of their women's wing leader Zara Shahid Hussain something that was never proved. It could be a mere coincidence that Zara Shahid was gunned down by a would be robber at gun point. Living in Karachi, no one is a stranger to being a victim of gun point crime, and people resisting at times end up losing their lives. So does this not reflect the double standards and hypocracy on part of PTI, they seem to have very conveniently forgotten their support base in Shehr e Quaid, their seats stolen or not, these KARACHI voters of theirs deserve some efforts also. It tempts one to think if this whole fiasco is nothing more than a personal feud with Nawaz Sharif that Imran Khan has. As a Pakistani I can only sincerely hope that it is not long before this whole Imran Khan business comes to an end and life returns to normality in the whole country, the crises point that this country was going through, this was the last thing we needed. And finally to Imran Khan if he is reading this, Allah is watching, remember what is said in the Holy Quran about those that cause trouble on God's earth, every trouble maker will get their just rewards.

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