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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Remembering the 16th of December

The 16th of December was the darkest day in the history of Pakistan. It was the day when the hard work of our founding fathers of Pakistan fell apart and the nation of Pakistan split into two, as the Eastern wing parted ways under the rhetoric of Bengali nationalism to emerge as the independent nation of Bangladesh. My annual blog on the fall of Dhaka has had to wait a day long delay this year due to the uncompromising tragic events that unfolded in the provincial capital of the KPK province.

For those unfamiliar with the events that unfolded, armed gun men attacked a military run primary school in the heart of Peshawar resulting in the death of over a hundred innocent  school children.  The Tehrik e Taliban have claimed responsibility.

This not only adds insult to injury on what was the darkest day in the history of Pakistan by making it even darker, it once again opens up the debate to questions about the traitors of our nation hiding among us, also finally we need to entertain the thought and silence some overly rationalist fellow Pakistani's by entertaining the idea that maybe there is also an element of foreign involvement in today's tragedy.

Denialists of foreign involvement in Pakistan forget,.that the enemy nation we were at war with takes great pride in everything they achieved in partitioning Pakistan in 1971 leaving us as a nation with scars which may never heal. Yes you heard me the enemy nation not only committed aggression but to this very day takes great pride in destroying Pakistan and the ideology behind it. Indira Gandhi the then Indian PM said it with such great pride that the two nation theory drowned in the Bay of Bengal.

Now coming back to The Taliban, how do we identify the traitors a midst our masses. No individual on this planet carried a marker or a label that indicates that they are terrorists and not one among us. Attacks such as those on the school today, that on PNS Mehran in Karachi and of course on East Pakistan in 1971 could not have happened without traitors a midst our ranks.

We now return to the original Question, how do we identify traitors without markers, with only an ideology of treason and devastation in their darkened hearts? For now we have yet another tragedy with which to remember the 16th of December.

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