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Monday, April 27, 2015

A very noisy weekend on social media.

It was a fairly noisy weekend on social media, the weekend that just ended. Lots and lots of activity on Facebook and Twitter, it almost feels like borderline noise pollution, though the actual noise quite literally would be people clicking on their keyboards like I am doing right now or exhausting their thumbs on their smart phones and tablets. The vast majority of that noise has been one directional, we all know what one directional traffic results in. A big  big clogging up of our world, be it off line or in the digital sphere.

The weekend started with the unfortunate death of a prominent Karachi based activist Sabeen Mahmud who was very popular among her social circles. It was a tragic and unfortunate event that unfolded on Friday evening, as she was gunned down while traveling in her vehicle shortly after she left her office and cafe in DHA Karachi. Earlier in the evening she had hosted the very controversial group VOBMP or Voice of Baloch Missing Persons with the talk being titled Unsilencing Balochistan. She was hosting on her premises the same talk that was cancelled by the Lahore University of Management Sciences just some weeks ago under pressure from Government authorities.

I didn't know Sabeen Mahmud personally, nor have I ever spoken to her, so regardless of my disagreements on her political and social views as well as her choice of dialogue topics at the T2F, I will not speak ill of the dead, I will say a quick prayer for her and move on to the actual core essence of the point I want to raise here. If I knew her well enough, I may have written a tribute to her. Her unfortunate death has created a shit load of noise on Social media, especially by the Self hating Pakistani crowd. The same lot likes to call themselves as progressive intellectual liberals who are the only sane voice of reason in this so called God Forsaken country. They waste no opportunity what so ever to go on an all out Pakistan bashing spree, they talk about their own country as if it was a living parasite, yet people listen to them and join their ranks, cause they make a shit load of noise.

Immediately as Sabeen's death broke on social media, everyone in her social circles, as well as many in media both local and foreign were very quick to blame the government of Pakistan as well as Pakistan's premier intelligence agency for her murder without as much as a shred of evidence to back it up. The only back up evidence they have is that the late activist was no stranger to death threats and the exact event was just a few weeks earlier cancelled at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. The blame game by the self proclaimed so called pseudo liberals of urban Pakistan very quickly transforms into a blizzard of curses and accusations blaming the establishment which includes the ISI for everything that goes wrong in Pakistan, while their at it they also reserve some blame for patriotic Pakistani's by labeling them as delusional paranoid ignorant fools who don't know better and are also contributing to the nation's decline.

News flash, if you guys were real liberal's you wouldn't be attacking those on the other side of the spectrum of thought, and yeah also you would not be opportunistically using some one's death to go on an all out attacking spree to demonize your own country in the eyes of a national and global audience. The noise you all have made over the weekend following Sabeen's death reflects badly on us in the international community, it is adding fuel to the fire off sorts. It was bad enough that this unfortunate event happened late Friday evening, now the whole world knows how low as a nation do we think of ourselves. Do not even get me started on the diaspora Pakistani's especially those sitting on the US loud mouthing as if they have a full fledged stake in what goes on here.

Did any one really sit down and think for a few minutes who really benefited from all this? Yes I am talking to you intellectual beings who think their some what intellectually superior to most other Pakistani's, based on circumstantial evidence alone is it enough to go on an all out bad mouthing war against your own country. The establishment of this nation is not foolish to gun down a random activist for hosting or staging an event, firstly once the event had already happened, it kills the purpose, secondly by gunning down the event organizer you are making a martyr out of some one, and giving significant cannon fodder to Anti state elements, self hating Pakistani's, those with an establishment bias in media, as well as the traitors of Pakistan behind this separatism movement.

The death of an activist pushes u to make a lot of noise, why have I not heard any noise about the thousands of non natives to Balochistan who have been murdered in cold blood by terrorist organizations. I didn't even see 1% of the number of tweets or FB posts with respect to the deaths of the 20 out of province labourers brutally gunned down by terrorists in Turbat. Mama Qadeer, Baloch seperatists and their cause just got a big ass ripple effect injection boost and revival off sorts. Their the real winners here, on the other hand your establishment is on the receiving end of blame, who by the way are not foolish enough to shoot themselves on the foot, and oh yeah patriotic Pakistani's are not delusional paranoid mentally distorted fools, and a lot of comments coming from you self proclaimed liberal lot is extremely offensive, true liberals do not insult offend others around them, rather they act as a beacon of tolerance to balance out the far right.

Just some food for thought....

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