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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Double Standards and Denials of the New Age Pakistani Liberals.

To be very honest I am very half hearted about writing this blog, do the lot that I am about to write about, do they even warrant my time and energy? This may or may not turn out to be one of my better written blogs, but it is still one that sometimes I feel needs to be written about. If only I had my laptop with me and some spare time when the ideas are usually flowing through my mind and I can communicate them in an organic manner.

 At times I am lost for words, and there are times when words are insufficient to describe them, the young new age liberals of Pakistani society. The first question, one must ask is, do they even deserve the title of being liberal? Are they truly liberal or are they pseudo liberals trying to convince themselves that they are among the new age liberal lot that is blessed with the gift of reason, sanity and justice for all. I am not going to waste much time or typing energy going into the details of what liberalism and what behavior should be typical of the liberal lot, I am going to keep my focus on the current lot of young educated Pakistani's who label themselves as liberals.

Over the past almost one week, the self proclaimed liberal lot of Pakistan, especially the younger one has been very vocal offline as well as on social media, since the unfortunate death by murder of Karachi based activist Sabeen Mahmud. The late activist was gunned down while she was on her way home after hosting an event at T2F titled 'Unsilencing Balochistan' which featured Mama Qadeer and Farzana Baloch as representatives of VOBMP. Full form being Voice of Baloch Missing persons. A few weeks earlier, this group was due to speak at the Lahore University of Management Sciences but that event was cancelled due to pressure from the government of Pakistan.

Regardless of Sabeen's personal social and political opinions, no one deserves to die the way she did. Sabeen's unfortunate and tragic death has given a lot attention to Mama Qadeer and his lot and their lobbying activities around the country. Even as I write this, plans are already underway to host them at Karachi University, whether that talk eventually goes ahead or not is yet to be seen. At the same time, Sabeen's unfortunate death has given a lot of voice especially on social media to your self proclaimed new age liberal lot who I personally like labeling as self hating Pakistani's, why I shall get to that later. Anyways this lot has been very vocal and very active on social media and is no sparing no effort to malign, bad mouth and slander the very nation state they belong to, all this in the name of so called liberalism and justice. Pakistan and its important defense institutions are being talked about as if they are a living breathing cancer responsible for each and every single problem this country has ever faced and all this without tangible legitimate evidence to back it up. Their basing these allegations based on circumstantial variables, such as Sabeen's death for example happened right after she hosted the talk at T2F in Karachi.

First things first, the left leaning self proclaimed liberal lot is in complete denial to entertaining the idea as to who are the biggest beneficiaries of Sabeen's murder, and who are the biggest losers here. The biggest winners are Mama Qadeer and co, their campaign and lobbying activities have been given a huge boost as far as coverage, media and public attention is concerned. The biggest losers are of course the intelligence agencies of Pakistan, for whom this is a Public Relations nightmare that without evidence to back it up, they are being blamed and a whole cultural trend of bashing them on social media is going out of control. Well if you guys truly are among the liberal lot, you are supposed to be open minded, and with that open minded approach take into consideration various other alternatives to what might be possible outcomes here, and entertain the other side of the various narratives as opposed to sticking to just the one where the ISI is conveniently blamed not just for Sabeen's  death but also all the missing Baloch youth and all the problems this country faces. For a moment, entertain the notion that it could be some one else, or any one else for that matter, evidence pointing to a particular group or a particular stakeholder in the country has not surfaced yet.

If you new age liberal lot was truly liberal, you people would be giving priority to objectivity and would also be giving a voice to the others who do not have one. Just a day or so after Mama Qadeer's talk got cancelled at LUMS, 20 daily wage labourers hailing from Sind and Punjab were murdered in Turbat in South Western Balochistan. I am yet to see your very lot give a voice to them and their families, who were needlessly and mercilessly gunned down by heavily armed gun men belonging to the Baloch Liberation front, but then again for most of you self proclaimed new age liberal lot these baloch nationalist groups as well as their armed wings are revolutionaries and freedom fighters, fighting against the poisonous evil snake of a villain that is the state of Pakistan.

It does not matter to you people, that groups such as the BLA, BLF and BRA are terrorist groups and that they have murdered thousands of civilians in the province who are not indigenous to the province, and at the same time driven away tens of thousands of them from the province. A province that was once a symbol of peace, tranquility and Baloch hospitality has now become a hot and violent epicenter of blood and terror. When was the last time you or any of you spoke for those murdered by Baloch nationalist groups or their family members, which have by the way included not just out of province settlers but also Pro Pakistani Baloch. Quetta the capital of the province which was once the most peaceful city in Pakistan, most of it is now a NO GO Area, particularly the areas surrounding University of Balochistan. Ask any resident of Quetta, what part of the city they all fear including the Hazara Shia's, they will all point to Saryab and Saryab Road, which is a Baloch dominated part of the city. The terrorism activities of these separatist nationalists is not just perfectly acceptable to you lot, but you see it as a justified fight for rights, at the same time the State's counter terrorism approach towards terrorists is seen as heavy handed state brutality. Open and clear reflection of double standards here.

You people are the same lot, that lobbied and pushed the state towards taking a heavy handed approach the Taliban and their various umbrella terrorist groups centered around the KPK province and the Tribal belt. How is it that you lot see one set of terrorist groups as terrorist, but not the others, is this the Islamophobia of you lot talking? If you self proclaimed liberal lot are truly liberal, you people would fighting against Islamophobia and discrimination that practicing Muslims face in a so called secular and liberal environment instead of showing nothing but contempt, disgust and intolerance for practicing Muslims. It is not a crime to be conservative and religious, yet people who are conservative or religious are seen as taliban apologists and parasites destroying society and preventing progressive thinking.

There is no disagreement by even many on the political Right, that Taliban are a terrorist group, the Taliban and their groups follow the same strategy and approach as these Balochistan based terrorist groups. Challenge the Writ of the State, demand secession, demanding their rule and law, labeling the Pakistan army as the enemy army, killing thousands of innocent civilians, sabotaging economic activity and daily life in their areas, this is exactly what Balochistan based groups are doing, but sadly you lot seem to have a double standard where they are not seen as terrorist groups. Is this a case of a bloody brilliant PR campaign by Baloch terrorists which has included an hour long documentary on Al Jazeera English and this whole Voice of Baloch missing persons propaganda that has you all on their side?  Just because they make the loudest noise, means you go following them like their the Pied Pipper or something. The rise of these nationalist groups have given rise to nothing  but problems for Balochistan as well as Pakistan as a whole. They have killed thousands of settlers in the province, driven out an even greater number, disrupted normal every day life as well as a lot of economic activity and has destroyed the lives, careers and future of the Baloch urban middle class youth by brainwashing them into picking up arms and committing acts of terrorism. Have you guys ever wondered where are the so called missing persons? It is no secret that thousands of Baloch youth are convinced by student groups such as BSO Azad to join these terrorist groups, the so called missing youth might be in these terrorist training camps, must have fled across the border to Afghanistan (which harbours them) or have died in gun fire against LEA's. Find me a single nation on the planet that tolerates secessionist agitation. The west that all you admire so much has brutally cracked down upon insurgents, Britain brutally cracked down upon the IRA, the Spanish government brutually cracked down upon Basque separatists. Our next door neighbour India, that you self hating Pakistani liberal lot admires like anything is brutally cracking down on insurgency sentiments in Kashmir, as well as the North East including Assam.

Think about it, come out of denial and entertain the other side of the story, these terrorists and traitors have received more than their fair share of media and social media coverage. I know it is cool and fashionable to be a self hating Pakistani under the guise of being a left leaning liberal, but it is more important to put objectivity first.

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