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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

LUMS Censorship, Let go off it already

For God's sake it was yesterday's news, it happened last week, let it go already. I Can't believe the mountain out of a mole hill being made out of something that should have been a forgotten issue in under 72 hours. Social media as well as Online media is still hot on the topic 'LUMS CANCELS TALK ON BALOCHISTAN UNDER PRESSURE FROM GOVERNMENT'. Social media is still active on it, LUMS students past and present, as well as your so called young liberals of Pakistan can not stop it with their verbal attacks on the Government of Pakistan and its security agencies for getting a talk cancelled at their prestigious elite up market university. This isn't a release of grades getting cancelled that will cost you a job interview or a place in graduate school abroad, relax take a chill pill, exams are close by focus on that.

Since you all are too keenly interested in keeping the hot chat debate alive, let's talk. Let's start with the irresponsible event coordinator or department head who organized the event for being a loud mouth, he could have made a more convenient and more appropriate excuse to tell authorities why the talk has been cancelled, yet he wasted no time in assigning blame on the Government of Pakistan and our security agencies. Makes you wonder if he has a personal agenda against some one currently employed within the agencies, or against the government of Pakistan. It could also be entirely possible maybe he didnt like the FACE of the guy who came into ask or demand or whatever that the talk be called off. Yes I said FACE, not uncommon for Pakistani's to say this say about their fellow Pakistani's ''Bus Mujhe Uski Shakal Nahin Pasand'' (Simply I just dont like his/her face). I wasn't there, so yeah slim probability this could have also happened.

For those crying over academic freedom, sure your academic freedom's got slightly trampled upon, but do you guys conveniently remember the other academic freedoms given to you at Universities in Pakistan? Many do not have sincere dedicated faculty members, or a fair grading system or offer an environment that compliments youth development. Most of us graduate with a One track mind in this country with a failure in the ability to think outside the box.

Now coming back to Balochistan, I do not want to waste my time and energy on Mama Qadeer and the Farzana bibi that is always traveling with them or their very extensive and thorough Anti Pakistan public relations propaganda world wide as well as nation wide. As far as I am concerned their traitors and they have received more than their fare share of publicity. I am going to touch on other points. By the way who noticed Farzana bibi's designer outfit when she came to KLF in 2013 during her crocodile tears?

Firstly it was not an objective talk or discussion panel to begin with. Why are all the bloody talks on Balochistan just taking one narrative into account, just one side of the story? Why was the other side not entertained, why was no one called from the Government of Balochistan, perhaps their provincial interior minister who also happens to hail from the Bugti tribe could have been a useful speaker on the panel, or some one representing the non native settler communities who are facing a brutal ethnic cleansing in the province. Over the last ten years, over 50,000 settlers from other provinces have fled the province out of fear for their lives. Rarely a month goes by when one hears about brutality carried out by these ethnic nationalist terrorist militant groups in the province. Just the other day, 20 day wage laborers were murdered in Turbat the home town of the current CM of Balochistan. How many times have buses and trains been attacked and their passengers killed. Why does that not raise a single eyebrow among our pseudo liberals and our self proclaimed idealistic youth that wants a picture perfect Pakistan. And have you guys so conveniently forgotten about the Hazara's of Quetta? You remember them very well when a big tragedy hits their community such as the attack on Alamdar Road, but they too are also experiencing a day to day ethnic cleansing courtesy of the ethnic Baloch in the city, who by the way are settlers in the province themselves.

Ask any settler or Hazara or even a Pashtun from Quetta, what part of the city terrifies them the most, they will all point to Saryab Road, which is a Baloch majority area of Quetta and now a No Go Zone for all non Baloch. What's worse, it is also where the University of Balochistan is, citing security many of your fellow Pakistani's have had to drop out of higher education, and their not as privileged as you who go to a place like LUMS. Here does the thought of academic rights and freedom being violated not raise even a single alarm bell? Do your thoughts not go out to your fellow youth who are denied and deprived of an education because some power and resource hungry opportunists want the whole cake of Balochistan to themselves? Balochistan was a peaceful and safe province till the trouble making Anti Pakistan student union BSO Azad became active and started inciting hatred for Pakistan as well as a cooked up notion on Baloch nationalism inspired by militant marxism to follow a Che Guvera style terrorist campaign under the disguise of liberty. BSO Azad has pushed the youth away from education and honest living and pulled towards being sheep to the slaughter.  Fight for legitimate rights can also be done in peaceful, cooperative, collaborative manners instead of committing treason.

Most of the so called missing are directly or indirectly involved in terrorist activities, have some links to banned militant outfits in the province or links to Anti State lobby groups. They kill people, destroy education and people's livelihood yet they do not appear as terrorists to most of the youth sitting in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, their still seen as victims of state brutality. Name me a single sovereign nation state that tolerates treason and secessionist activities? Late 20th century wasn't too long ago, does any one remember the brutal British crack down on the IRA in Northern Ireland as well as Britain proper, or the crack down of the Spanish government on Basque separatists, both of whom have committed crimes against humanity and acts of cowardly terrorism. Don't forget the brutal genocide of natives in North America and Australia by white settlers, don't forget also how Europeans treated us in the colonial era.

 Has it really really become so overly fashionable among our educated young people to loath their country and fall among the ranks of Self Hated Pakistani's that it is okay to listen to one sided garbage time after time that tries to make you hate your country and think it is the scum of the universe, seriously is that the fads of this decade? Well fads do come and go #JustSaying and no place in the world is perfect, even the so called West some of us idealize and hope to make as our next destination. You may feel you have the wrong end of the stick or are unfortunate to have been born in this country, pull your weight, be the agent of change and make this country a better place. All I see around me is hue and cry for change, yet no one wants to change in this country.

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