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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Do You Remember the Other December 16, Quit demonizing Pakistan already.

December the 16th continues to be a day that haunts Pakistani's, it is now a day that people across the nation remember as one of twin tragedies. The more recent of them having surpassed what happened in 71 as far as media coverage, debate and public concerns. It was very tragic and unfortunate the events that unfolded on December 16th 2014, when armed terrorists stormed a school in Peshawar and killed over a 100 children alongside teachers and staff members in cold blood. More than a 100 young lives, young innocent dreams were needlessly cut short. No matter how much tributes we pay to the martyrs and how much solidarity we show to the families of the dearly departed it will never be enough, we as a nation need to promise ourselves that such tragedies should never happen again, we have paid dearly in blood as a nation, we have been doing it for decades now and not just since the war on terror begin.

We as a nation also paid dearly in blood in the original tragedy that makes December 16 a dark day in the history of Pakistan. 44 years ago Pakistanis had to suffer the trauma of losing half their country because of traitors amidst our ranks and an enemy that long had the agenda to dismember Pakistan, which up until that time was seen as an Indian Muslim project, implying that the concept of a Muslim majority nation would fare far better for the Muslims of the sub continent as opposed to living in a minority. Present day problems and ground realities aside, the main focus of my blog here is that the civil war that engulfed Pakistan was absolutely an unnecessary war, one which costed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis. It is a war that should not have happened, and that war happened also as a result of home grown domestic terrorists who only cared about seizing war and cementing their place in history.

It really irks me and boils my blood when your so called self proclaimed Pakistani liberals go on an all out slanderous bashing attack on their country and talk about it as if it is a parasite that exists for the sole purpose of harming its own people. Nowhere else in the world have I ever come across left leaning liberals that engage in such brutal attacks against their own country. What happened in 71 is also particularly a favorite topic of our so called Left Leaning Liberals in their all out attack against the Pakistan state. Their double standards in what defines terrorism is absolutely disgusting, usually I do not make such judgmental remarks but you self hating Pakistani's deserve every bit of it if you all are reading this, learn from the left leaning liberals of other countries, they do not slander attack their own nation.

The civil war in 71, though hardly many people call it a civil war i fail to understand why, was a result of domestic terrorism. It started off with widespread acts of domestic terrorism carried out by secessionist minded traitors in East Pakistan. The Awami League and their thugs conducted acts of domestic terrorism as their only agenda was coming to power by hook or crook and creating history for themselves, even if it came at the extent of dismembering of the country which their fore fathers, especially the Bengali Muslim forefathers had worked effortlessly to materialize. It was the Bengali leadership of the All India Muslim league that was most enthusiastic about the idea of Pakistan, and without Bengal, Pakistan would not have happened. Let's not forget quite a few Pakistani heads of state before Ayub Khan were Bengali Muslims from East Pakistan, including Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy and Khawaja Nazimuddin. The language movement of the 50s you liberals proudly claim was brutally suppressed by the West Pakistani leadership, newsflash, Hussain Suharwardy was the head of the state at the time, and it was his direct order to the Pakistani LEA's to suppress the trouble makers.

Coming back to the 1970's, how conveniently you forget the sheer ferocity and volume of the domestic terrorism carried out by Awami League and their thugs. Their have been widespread reports of genocides and massacres conducted by Bengali nationalists against the Non Bengalis living in the province. In her book Dead Reckoning, Sarmila Bose based on eye witness accounts has recorded that Mukhti Bahni militants followed Nazi style practices of industrial mass murder especially of the Bihari's. Before all this happpened, in the late 60s, Non Bengali's living in the province had started facing widespread discrimination from their Bengali bretheren in the immediate after math of the rise of the Awami League. The Awami League leadership if anything is guilty of inciting hatred and discrimination towards Non Bengali's of the province to the extent that it led to a mass murder spree by nationalists. Awami league supporters also committed mass vandalism of public and private property especially in Dacca, they attacked and ransacked properties owned by the government of Pakistan as well as by civilians who were non Bengali. Even among the POW's handed over to the occupying Indian forces included thousands of prominent civilians as well. Where was Awami League's morality at the time. Infact the very image of Sheikh Mujib giving a grand royal salute to the Indian army at the Dhaka racecourse in 1972 as they left Bangladesh should be enough to open people's eyes about the extent of treason that happened, that sheer image is enough to disgust someone. How are him and his supporters not traitors, waging war against your own country, killing your own people, colluding with the enemy, handing over your army, civil servants and civilians over to the enemy forces, and then giving a VIP send off to that same occupying army which crossed international borders.

So to you left leaning Pakistani liberals, I suggest you check your facts and look at the other untold stories from the 71 war, some of the facts may shock some of you. There is no lie in treason by the Awami League, terrorism by the Mukti Bahni and Indian aggression as mentioned very briefly in our text book.s the reason no one talks about it is because of the severity of the trauma the events of 71 cause. Also you find me a single nation state that tolerates secessionist movements amidst its ranks, the British brutally cracked down on the IRA in Northern Ireland, the Spanish showed no mercy to the Basque separatists in the North, nor does Russia tolerate Chechen separatists, nor does India the country you love so much tolerate it in Kashmir or the North Eastern States. Think about it you disgusting Self Hating Pakistani's.

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