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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Karachi, You are Killing me! (Not my original title)

Okay, so Karachi is killing me and I did get the inspirational title from Saba Imtiaz's book of the same name. But since I was going to share this article on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, blah blah blah, I did not want to go with the original title I had in mind to avoid an excessive backlash, but I will use it. here

Karachi Ki Ladies, You Are Killing me! 

So yes, this was the core agenda, my original title, what I really had in mind, ladies of Karachi, you really really are killing me, as well as quite a few other men out there. I am serious, I am not even kidding, call it, sexist, misogynistic blah blah whatever you want, but it is true, you ladies are killing me and a lot of other guys out there. I am also pretty certain, none of you are even remotely aware of how you are doing it. Pause, put this blog away for like about 60 seconds and think, how are we killing men out there? 60 seconds later, if you have an answer in your mind, drop it in the comments, I would love to embrace my sisters out there, who can relate to what I have in mind and what I am about to say. None of you are alike, some of you are epic fantastic, while some of you put humanity to shame.

That's right I said it, some of you put humanity to shame! Shame on You! Okay so let me not waste further time in confusing any of the readers over here, dudes probably have an idea what I am talking about, but some might still be confused, we millennials are a confused generation. Anyways you ladies epic suck in how you ladies treat guys in this day and age. There I said it, you ladies are seriously seriously mistreating guys in the world around you, and at the conviction with which you all are doing it, reflects an utter lack of not only maturity in your behavior, but disregard for your fellow human beings in general.

I know I know what you all are thinking, women have struggled to be where they are, and men have historically been the crueler gender blah blah blah. Hello Past Tense, if your thinking present day examples from Pakistan, hello again, Not your reference group, not your socioeconomic group, doesnt effect the world you live in. So get off that high horse already, those are different worlds, circles and segments of society, and I am not saying you do not give a voice to them, you most definitely should, but why should men, who have no history or no record of ever mistreating women be on the receiving end of aggression by ladies who think it is just plain and simple okay, their entitled to treating men how they deem fit, and men can't raise an eye brow. #TrueStory, I got a lot of flack for raising just an eye brow once in front of a lady. 

Kudos to all the strong independent women out there, who have gotten to where they are with their sheer dedication, hard work, their talents. You have done those who personally know u very proud, you are a friend, your a sister, your a mother, a daughter and a whole lot more. Your success compliments the world we live in, and world may be a bit colourless without you successful ladies. Quick Q, should i be using the word successful ladies or women, or is that not a gender neutral word to use. 

Anyways all other ladies out there, learn something from the successful role models around you, successful women have not gotten to where they are by mistreating the other gender, men, in particular. Infact this is a gender neutral thing, u can be successful without deliberately mistreating people when your feeling a sense of empowerment. Just turn on the television, read the newspaper, spend some time on social media, or watch a show or two on Netflix, you will see that strong female characters in any show, be it Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Carrie Matthison from homeland, Very strong female characters, none of them are trying to trample, choke, oppress, boss around or dominate men to get where they are. Have a think about it, you all can get all that you want without stepping on men. But sadly, you guys love stepping on men, and sticking it out to men, it does not matter if their nice to women, it is a good power trip and you love it, admit it.


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