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Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Story From Sensational Shanghai

Fan of travelling yes, fan of travelling in the winter anywhere, a Big No. It is true, I am not a fan of the cold weather, it is somewhat outside of my comfort zone. This November I found myself hopping on a plane for what was a work related trip to China, the last stop of which was the largest city in China, Shanghai. My first visit to the city since 2010, when I had dropped by to visit the World Expo. That was at the peak of the summer season and boy it was definitely quite hot that summer with the Celsius scale hitting 40 in the peak of the afternoon.

My three days in Shanghai were followed by quick visits to Xiamen, Jinjiang and Wuxi, from the latter I hopped on a bullet express train to Shanghai Railway station. The journey by car which otherwise would have taken four hours and given Shanghai's reputation with respect to traffic jams, not the best of ideas. After an hour long journey by train I found myself at the Shanghai railway station. This was my first inter city journey by train in China, it went by far better than I expected, and not long after my arrival into the railway station, i was at my hotel, The Radisson Blu Shanghai New World on Nanjing Road.

The Nanjing Road area of Shanghai facing people's square on one side and the Puxi skyline along the Huangpau river on one side make it one of the liveliest districts not just in Shanghai but probably all of China. As per the locals, domestic visitors also flock to what they see as China's international city, with some of the best designer shopping and some of the best food the world has to offer.

 After a few very busy work days, I had some time to myself to explore the area surrounding my hotel and if time permitted other parts of Shanghai. But given how cold the weather was, I was not too keen to wander that far off from my hotel, and stayed within the surrounding area, and considering I was blessed with an incredible scenic view of the Shanghai skyline from my hotel, it was hard to leave the warmth and comfort of the hotel room also.

Nanjing road is absolutely tourist central, tons and tons of shops, cafe's, restaurants and what not, with limitless people just walking past you every second. There are no surprises that quite a few known brand hotels are also located in the district, as well as there being a Starbucks cafe every few minutes walk. While out and about exploring, I did get the opportunity to explore some Halal dinning in the Huangpau area around Nanjing road. I managed to discover a Turkish Restaurant called Kervan, was not impressed, I have had way better Turkish food than that in China. I discovered a very decent Indian Restaurant that I even returned to for a second meal called Kebabs On the Grille, which did a very decent job with the Paneer and Chicken Tikka. Probably one of the better Paneer Tikka's I have had on my travels. But for me the icing on the cake was's recommendation for the number one Halal Restaurant in Shanghai.

Shanghai's number one Halal Restaurant for Chinese food is this eatery called Yershari, located in a shopping mall on Nanjing Road. I do not remember the name of the shopping mall, but it is where the Apple store is located. Hard to miss the Apple store no matter where on the planet you might be. I arrived at the restaurant at 7 pm, and I was greeted with an hour long que, my thoughts, this better be worth the hype and those reader reviews on Now this is where my visit to Shanghai got interesting and I returned home with a story I would happily share, maybe for years to come.

In the waiting area of the restaurant, I went and sat down on an empty chair besides a young Chinese man, who it seems could not speak a word of English, but could clearly identify that I am a foreign traveller to his country. He initiated a conversation with me using a translator app on his phone, at that point I was expecting just a courtesy Hi Hello, was not expecting an experience that awaited me.

He used the translator app on his phone to translate from Mandarin to English, and I began reciprocating using Google translate on my phone. I was using a VPN to access Google services in China, along with Facebook and Instagram. So this is where it began, while waiting for our respective tables, his number was 28 mine was 42, we began communicating with our phones with each other, I know it sounds rather weird and some what anti social but it worked in this case here, our linguistic limitations were no longer a barrier to communication. He would type something in Mandarin on his phone, hit translate, show me the English equivalent of what he was trying to say, and I would do the same via Google Translate, type in English, hit translate and show him my screen so he had an idea of what I was trying to say. We did this for about 45 mins or so before he got the call announcing that his table was ready, at this point he had discovered that I was Muslim, and so was he, so he invited me to have dinner with him, to which I happily accepted. Who wouldn't want some company over dinner in a far away land, as much as I love my personal space, it is always nice to have some company over dinner.

After having sat down for dinner, Abdullah was his name, I asked my new friend to surprise me with his choice for dinner from the menu, he insisted that I being a guest to his country pick what ever my heart desires from the menu, but reminded me that the Almighty hates wastage so I order carefully. Not knowing what the portions would be like at this place and what to expect, usually such fine dine looking places have smaller portions, so I did not exactly order conservatively. I ordered the chicken and potato stew, which is something u find in almost every Muslim Chinese Restaurant all across China. I ordered something that loosely translated into Garlic Beef Ribs, 2 Chinese Style Naans, Egg fried rice and Chinese beef buns. I was expecting smaller portions so that is a lot I know!

We continued our waiting area style of engagement and communication with one another for an additional hour and a half while waiting for our food, and then while having dinner itself. Due to our linguistic limitations, we could not verbally speak with one another, so we continued doing what we were doing earlier, type on our screens, hit translate and show to the other. The only words uttered were Alhumdulilah, Mashallah, Inshallah. I insisted to Abdullah that he let me pay, for the company and the experience that he has honoured with me is something I will remember for a very long time, but while I was insisting on taking care of the bill, he had already paid when our order was complete by Scanning his phone against a QR code on  a device on the table, I did not even notice when he did that and that QR code payments were so common in China. He insisted I am his Muslim brother, and a traveller, this is the least he could do and he only asked that I remember him in my prayers and well wishes.


Before we said Good bye to one another, we added one another on WeChat, which is what everyone uses in China as a replacement for WhatsApp, and before we left the restaurant we were greeted with live entertainment, a cultural dance performance from Western China, from the regions that border Central Asia. I do not know at this point if my paths will cross with Abdullah ever again, but I hope we cross paths again one day in some part of this God's earth and we have another wonderful memory with which to remember each other by. My parting thoughts, language is not a barrier between two people, the real barrier lies in our hearts and minds, If we open our hearts and minds just a little bit, the world is a wonderful place, with wonderful people, and when two people meet, the possibilities are limitless.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Let's Talk About Mental Health, Shall We?

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It is the month of October and since 1949, October has been observed across the United States as a month for mental health awareness, by means of which millions of people are reached through campaigns and initiatives to create awareness regarding mental health concerns. The importance of good mental health can not be under estimated, yet there are many people out there still who do not even acknowledge this as an issue to begin with. For many people, mental health issues are non issues, some degrade it to the point of it being a figment of one's imagination. That is an unfortunate reality in a country like Pakistan as well, where generally all health related issues are put on the back foot and not even given a fraction of the due attention they deserve.

I am just going to simply talk about mental health right now, nothing else. I am going to keep this blog, plain and simple. I am going to say it again and again, Mental health issues are a reality, they are a God Damn reality, and they effect everyone. If you are not directly effected, you are indirectly effected because some one u know might be struggling with good mental health. The battle for good mental health is a life long battle.

The absence of good mental health can have negative effects on our life, they can effect our judgment, our ability to make decisions, our ability to be rational, it can lower our ability to confront or show resistance towards adversity.  Absence of good mental health can disrupt our very ability to live our day to day lives. That is how important good mental health is. I am saying it again, it is a reality, get used to it.

My experience of living in Pakistan as an adult has taught me that not only are people very apathetic towards mental health issues, but people actively contribute towards the decline of good mental health because of their sheer apathy not just towards the lives of other people, but also due to complete disregard for issues concerning good mental health.

A visit to  Karachi University's Institute of clinical psychology will prove to u, how many people, young and old, man, woman and child, suffer from mental health issues. Due to the stigma attached to talking about mental health in our society (I am guessing its like this in many parts of the world) people who come in seeking help for their mental health issues do so with a certain degree of reservation.  I have witnessed it with my my own eyes, those visiting the institute where dozens of mental health professionals tirelessly make efforts to help others, have a sense of fear and stigma with themselves that they have had to  take the initiative to come to such a place. The only anomaly u see there is the abundance of  hesitance among those visiting, but like you and I, their normal every day people, who are just seeking to make their lives better.

I am going to repeat this again, mental health issues are real issues, get used to it already. My request to any one reading this, take some time out and think about it, contemplate, reflect and what not regarding the reality of mental health. Keep an eye out on people around you, some  one around you could be suffering from poor mental health for a variety of reasons, the signs might not be too obvious and people might be reluctant to talk about it. Mental health is a reality and people right in front of you could be suffering from it. A lot of people develop mental health reasons due to personal battles, traumas, or loss and grief. Someone u know could have lost a loved one, or could have witnessed some thing traumatic, or they could have been bullied or just not been sleeping well for whatever xyz reason. Something or the other could have caused damages to their mental health. Most people suffer in silence, do not ignore mental health issues, do not ever tell people that mental health issues are a figment of their imagination, do not ever tell people that they are making excuses or evading responsibilities. We all have our limitations, there are things we can do, and there are things we can not. Sure its true what they say life truly begins when we wander outside of our comfort zone, but if human beings are pushed too much outside of their comfort zone, the consequences of that could be very damaging and have life long effects.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kindness needs a Reincarnation!

Okay people listen up, gear up! Yes I am talking to you, the person reading this blog, i wont lie, I really do hope there are a lot of people reading this. So people as you all know Ramzan is coming, or Ramadan as some of you like to call it. It is coming, in the middle of this brutal OMG you are killing me kind of summer, and very soon you will be bombed with everything Religious or Ramadan/Ramzan themed. For the faithful, fasting followed by the optional Tarawee Salah, for the not so faithful and devout, being forced to have your meals behind closed doors, keeping quite about whether you are fasting or not, and try to not  stand out for whatever XYZ reason. Yet both of you, yes both of you, a very large number of both of you are lacking in Kindness. Yes, I said it, among both of you, kindness is an almost extinct variable.

 Heads up, my blog will reek off a little bit of bias towards the visibly religious lot in particular, there is a reason behind this. I won't get into details, but what I will mention is that you visibly religious lot, certainly raise the bar of behavioral expectations that others may have off you and your new found piousness and fondness for spirituality, when that is really lacking, it adds to anger, frustration, anxiety along with severe disappointments. Then again you would blame us for having high expectations to begin, this is where i say cut the crap, stop making excuses, and stop hiding behind your religious attire u choose to to wear at your own free will. This is about kindness, kindness does not need an excuse.

Kindness is almost dead, its more extinct than the Dodo, sometimes I actually begin to wonder if we as a species have evolved properly, are we yet to get to the desired level of evolution or have we gone back a stage in the 21st century. Kindness needs a revival, it needs a reincarnation. The challenge I would like to throw both religious Muslims that will be fasting in this holy month as well as the non religious who would be continuing normal life behind closed doors, is to be kind to people around you over the next 30 days. Do you think you both can last a month without being unkind.

First of all let me make it clear, u may think you are avoiding being unkind to the other person, absence of deliberate cruelty or intentionally being mean is not being kind, but it is also a very damaging form of unkindness. Let me give u all an example to elaborate a little bit, lets say, you all need a small favour out of someone, or you want something done by someone, who u usually would not consider as someone who merits your time or maybe a lesser being owing the image u have in your head for whatever XYZ reason, ask nicely, ask in a kind manner, most people will still be accommodating even if they know their being used, least u can do is ask kindly, A little bit of kindness can go a long long way in making or shaping someone's life, you do not even have to do it beyond basic politeness and very basic courtesy, while a little bit of unkindness and cocky rude attitude can badly break some one. Most of us Millennials, be it the early lot that was born in the 80s or the later late born 90s and beyond, we are all living serious pressure cooker lives, though we broadcast a lot of shit on social media, there is a lot of things we can not share, some very personal stuff, it might be related to one's job, one's partner, one's family, one's health, the list is endless, so try and be Kind, it really does not take a lot of effort.

To make a stronger point, I will share an example from my own life. One of the months of 2016, I was fresh out of a broken relationship, was a borderline mess, took me a month or 2 to get over it and move on, but I decided to start the process of moving on within 24-48 hours. About a week after the unexpected demise of that I had a wedding to attend of someone I knew from childhood, at the proceeded with my usual Social media activity, those who know me, my usual wedding photos, including my signature wedding selfies of the crowd acting all natural in the back ground. One of the ladies who was not by design in the wedding photographs but purely because she was in the back ground, very rudely and obnoxiously in a very inappropriate like she owns me demanded I take down all evidence, absolutely all evidence of the wedding from my Timeline. Her Arguments as to why ''I know too many people, some one or the other will ask her how the wedding was'', she further added fuel to my inner rage by claiming I am ruining the wedding for the bride and the groom since they were selective in their guest list. If people see the picture, they will ask Qs over why they werent invited (all assumptions). The mental frame of mind I was in, I could have been a real mean person that point, I decided I needed to take a stand for myself without being unkind, so out of pure defiance, I uploaded one group pic intentionally and that on Instagram where the lady isnt one of my followers, not proud of that moment, but had to be done. I got to hear some foul language and swear words from that lady for daring to do something without permission, but at this point I do not care.

Anyways that's not the point of this, the point of this, be bloody kind to people around you, you do not know what their going through. If everyone of us makes a very tiny effort even to be kind and not at all be unkind to our fellow human beings, it can set off a small chain reaction, and the immediate world around us can be a far nicer place. A slightly nicer world, calmer nerves, better concentration at work, we can all sleep better, and best of all we will not be unnecessarily snapping at other people, who in turn will snap at others. So Give it a thought, my 30 day challenge to You, Be Kind Daily for 30 days, and see the difference you make.

If old TV shows and old movies can get reincarnated, why not kindness, so lets give it to a try..

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Karachi, You are Killing me! (Not my original title)

Okay, so Karachi is killing me and I did get the inspirational title from Saba Imtiaz's book of the same name. But since I was going to share this article on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, blah blah blah, I did not want to go with the original title I had in mind to avoid an excessive backlash, but I will use it. here

Karachi Ki Ladies, You Are Killing me! 

So yes, this was the core agenda, my original title, what I really had in mind, ladies of Karachi, you really really are killing me, as well as quite a few other men out there. I am serious, I am not even kidding, call it, sexist, misogynistic blah blah whatever you want, but it is true, you ladies are killing me and a lot of other guys out there. I am also pretty certain, none of you are even remotely aware of how you are doing it. Pause, put this blog away for like about 60 seconds and think, how are we killing men out there? 60 seconds later, if you have an answer in your mind, drop it in the comments, I would love to embrace my sisters out there, who can relate to what I have in mind and what I am about to say. None of you are alike, some of you are epic fantastic, while some of you put humanity to shame.

That's right I said it, some of you put humanity to shame! Shame on You! Okay so let me not waste further time in confusing any of the readers over here, dudes probably have an idea what I am talking about, but some might still be confused, we millennials are a confused generation. Anyways you ladies epic suck in how you ladies treat guys in this day and age. There I said it, you ladies are seriously seriously mistreating guys in the world around you, and at the conviction with which you all are doing it, reflects an utter lack of not only maturity in your behavior, but disregard for your fellow human beings in general.

I know I know what you all are thinking, women have struggled to be where they are, and men have historically been the crueler gender blah blah blah. Hello Past Tense, if your thinking present day examples from Pakistan, hello again, Not your reference group, not your socioeconomic group, doesnt effect the world you live in. So get off that high horse already, those are different worlds, circles and segments of society, and I am not saying you do not give a voice to them, you most definitely should, but why should men, who have no history or no record of ever mistreating women be on the receiving end of aggression by ladies who think it is just plain and simple okay, their entitled to treating men how they deem fit, and men can't raise an eye brow. #TrueStory, I got a lot of flack for raising just an eye brow once in front of a lady. 

Kudos to all the strong independent women out there, who have gotten to where they are with their sheer dedication, hard work, their talents. You have done those who personally know u very proud, you are a friend, your a sister, your a mother, a daughter and a whole lot more. Your success compliments the world we live in, and world may be a bit colourless without you successful ladies. Quick Q, should i be using the word successful ladies or women, or is that not a gender neutral word to use. 

Anyways all other ladies out there, learn something from the successful role models around you, successful women have not gotten to where they are by mistreating the other gender, men, in particular. Infact this is a gender neutral thing, u can be successful without deliberately mistreating people when your feeling a sense of empowerment. Just turn on the television, read the newspaper, spend some time on social media, or watch a show or two on Netflix, you will see that strong female characters in any show, be it Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Carrie Matthison from homeland, Very strong female characters, none of them are trying to trample, choke, oppress, boss around or dominate men to get where they are. Have a think about it, you all can get all that you want without stepping on men. But sadly, you guys love stepping on men, and sticking it out to men, it does not matter if their nice to women, it is a good power trip and you love it, admit it.


Anything Goes, Actually it does not!

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Anything goes, everything goes, anything and everything goes. Actually it does not, let me just halt you right there and say it out in a very abrupt manner, no it does not, not everything and anything goes. Okay some of you might be confused and are probably wondering what the hell is this guy on about, I am getting there, actually I wont blah blah so much and try and get to the point ASAP.

What I am talking about is behavior, public and private behavior, I am talking to you millennials out there, yes you heard me that is correct, i am speaking to the whole lot of you born mid 1980s onward. Your behavior, I am talking about your behavior, your behavior towards your fellow human beings, especially fellow millennials is not on, definitely not on, not cool and you all need to get off your high horse and stop treating your fellow millennials with such disdain, with such immaturity, such sexism, such discrimination, such selfishness as if the other person is just some one you saw in the transit lounge of an airport or some semi branded good made by Nestle that you saw at your local super market. 

Human behavior has consequences, sometimes some of those consequences as a result of your behavior, that's right you heard me correctly, sometimes the consequences of your behavior can cause serious harm onto the other person's life, and sometimes it extends beyond the life of the person you are showing such disgusting disregard and apathy for u. There are other lives, linked to every person as well. You cause emotional, social, physical harm of any kind to a fellow millennial, it effects the lives of those around them, not only are you dragging them down, you are also dragging down the loved one's in their life, and the people they interact with regularly.

That's right, I said it, it is due to your behavior millennials, your behavior is immature, irresponsible, and reeks of nothing but selfishness and complete apathy. It seems you lot are just incapable of thinking about anyone but yourselves, well most of you certainly. You lot have this attitude of anything and everything goes, there is no accountability, no maturity, and u can treat anyone any way you all deem fit. This applies to both you dudes, as well as the ladies out there reading this. If I said something like that you millennial ladies are crazy and going through a crazy psychotic power trip where you all think there is a sense of entitlement you all have to mistreating guys, i would be labelled a sexist misogynist relic of the Cold War. So I am not saying any of that, I am keeping my blog Gender Neutral. Yes there was something called the cold war when u guys were either toddlers or new born etc.

A very large number of you Millennials are now atleast in their mid 20s, so Grow the Fuck up already, and start acting like a bunch of mature, intelligent, educated young adults, as opposed to a bunch of teenagers, the kind some of us on US teen dramas back in the 90s. Your childish immature behavior which is comparable to teenagers is sickening and destroy's lives, get a grip, have a triple espresso, whatever you need to do, GROW THE FUCK up, before another millennial does any of the above to You, and we are in a never ending sick cycle of over hyper crazy millennial behavior. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Someone explain Relationships 101 to Millennials

Millennials, all right, let us get started with who or what this group is shall we? Well this group can be defined as individuals born from the early 1980's on wards, a very large number of them reached adult hood at the start of the new millennium. Think if you were born in 84, 85, 86, you probably turned 18 in 2002-4 and started life as an adult.

Some attributes of a lot of millennials, they have very high and rigid expectations of what they want out out of life,they are the generation that wants instant gratification, they are the right here, right now, I want this done yesterday type generation. They are very easily dissatisfied, and the very first signs of things not going their way, causes stress, anxiety, sinking feelings in the gut, panic, paranoia, which in turn results in severe difficulty to cultivate and manage relationships.

I am not an expert on relationships, but I do have a social science back ground, so let us begin by trying to decode millennial behavior and attitudes.

Millennials, God, I really wish they came up with a shorter word to describe this generation.

Millennials, are very very distrustful off other people, they do not trust their close friends, whom they label as close friends. Their is always the belief that every friend is a transitional friend and that their friends will not be there for them when they really need them. Most if not all millennials have probably experienced social betrayal from people they believed were their friends, its a deep down sinking feeling or belief among them that their friends will abandon them when they need them the most (for example going through  a crises) or move on to other people or other friends when something better comes along. This whole sense of distrust prevents people from taking a risk and trying to form meaningful relationships. Meaningful relationships take time, effort, patience, compromise and a shit load of hard work and perseverance.

 Relationships of Millennials are more like, first alarm bells, first whims, first random gut feelings, first thing they do not like in a relationship, or when things are not going completely their way, that is the end game, that is the deal breaker, that is when the decision to end relationships is made, swiftly, coldly, very brutally, and we do not even give the other person any form of closure. That absence of closure, in turn creates a cycle, where the person lacking the closure will make the  same mistakes in that relationship again and again, or will treat other fellow millennials in exactly the same manner assuming it to be a cultural norm, one that is widely acceptable. For the millennials, the concept of communicating , talking things through in relationships, and trying to come up with solutions to roadblocks or problems or challenges does not exist, and you know why they want instant gratification, their way or the highway. 

Okay so most social scientists and experts on human behavior till quickly throw the blame at social media, the age of Facebook and Instagram where we are all sucked into a comparative bubble, where we want a sense of association and approval from our fellow tribe, i.e. the other millennials and in that process we have a sense of dissatisfaction with what we want out of life, and what life gives us. We keep wanting more and more and more out of life, because we are surrounded with too much information about the different filters concerning other people's lives, maybe that is a very valid, but maybe it is not the only argument that can be put on the table also. We live in a world where comparison with the other is at the touch of an app away, so we are maybe always living in a feeling of relativity, the relativity to status quo of our peers. How many of us are happy for our peers, and how many of us are actually envious when good things happen in their lives? Just think about it for a moment.

Anyhow i wanted to bring to everyone''s attention another point, that we all millennials have experienced incompatibility with our environment and our upbringing. Being a millennial myself , I was told growing up that if you work hard, put in the effort, study effort, make it count, get the grades, get that degree from that fantastic university, your life is set, you will be well rewarded, that is kind of how things worked in the generation before us, our parents generation or those of us with siblings a decade or decade and a half older, but the reality of our generation is seriously different. For most organizations, it i all about the bottom numbers, profitability in terms of numeric, and employees are just a number that can be scrapped, shed to ensure profitability and cut costs. Those starting new jobs, instead of telling them what training they will be offered along the way, they are asked in interviews, what they can already do, they are expected to know everything from the moment they step into the post student era world, sometimes also in the student era world, as I got to learn the hard way at Graduate School in England. My own struggles off graduate school were  mainly due to my lacking of technical skills and knowledge that my degree required and the absence of social support.

To Sum up I would say, the solution to a lot of the problems, the stress, the crises millennials face, especially with regards to meaningful relationships is for some one to talk to them in a comforting manner, stuff like that all this is okay, sometimes these things happen, sometimes people are different, you have to make the most of it. But how are you going to teach patience to the millennial lot? condition them towards being patient, well i do not know the answer to that Question, if you do, drop some feedback in the comments section below.

Thanks for Reading

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Do You Remember the Other December 16, Quit demonizing Pakistan already.

December the 16th continues to be a day that haunts Pakistani's, it is now a day that people across the nation remember as one of twin tragedies. The more recent of them having surpassed what happened in 71 as far as media coverage, debate and public concerns. It was very tragic and unfortunate the events that unfolded on December 16th 2014, when armed terrorists stormed a school in Peshawar and killed over a 100 children alongside teachers and staff members in cold blood. More than a 100 young lives, young innocent dreams were needlessly cut short. No matter how much tributes we pay to the martyrs and how much solidarity we show to the families of the dearly departed it will never be enough, we as a nation need to promise ourselves that such tragedies should never happen again, we have paid dearly in blood as a nation, we have been doing it for decades now and not just since the war on terror begin.

We as a nation also paid dearly in blood in the original tragedy that makes December 16 a dark day in the history of Pakistan. 44 years ago Pakistanis had to suffer the trauma of losing half their country because of traitors amidst our ranks and an enemy that long had the agenda to dismember Pakistan, which up until that time was seen as an Indian Muslim project, implying that the concept of a Muslim majority nation would fare far better for the Muslims of the sub continent as opposed to living in a minority. Present day problems and ground realities aside, the main focus of my blog here is that the civil war that engulfed Pakistan was absolutely an unnecessary war, one which costed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis. It is a war that should not have happened, and that war happened also as a result of home grown domestic terrorists who only cared about seizing war and cementing their place in history.

It really irks me and boils my blood when your so called self proclaimed Pakistani liberals go on an all out slanderous bashing attack on their country and talk about it as if it is a parasite that exists for the sole purpose of harming its own people. Nowhere else in the world have I ever come across left leaning liberals that engage in such brutal attacks against their own country. What happened in 71 is also particularly a favorite topic of our so called Left Leaning Liberals in their all out attack against the Pakistan state. Their double standards in what defines terrorism is absolutely disgusting, usually I do not make such judgmental remarks but you self hating Pakistani's deserve every bit of it if you all are reading this, learn from the left leaning liberals of other countries, they do not slander attack their own nation.

The civil war in 71, though hardly many people call it a civil war i fail to understand why, was a result of domestic terrorism. It started off with widespread acts of domestic terrorism carried out by secessionist minded traitors in East Pakistan. The Awami League and their thugs conducted acts of domestic terrorism as their only agenda was coming to power by hook or crook and creating history for themselves, even if it came at the extent of dismembering of the country which their fore fathers, especially the Bengali Muslim forefathers had worked effortlessly to materialize. It was the Bengali leadership of the All India Muslim league that was most enthusiastic about the idea of Pakistan, and without Bengal, Pakistan would not have happened. Let's not forget quite a few Pakistani heads of state before Ayub Khan were Bengali Muslims from East Pakistan, including Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy and Khawaja Nazimuddin. The language movement of the 50s you liberals proudly claim was brutally suppressed by the West Pakistani leadership, newsflash, Hussain Suharwardy was the head of the state at the time, and it was his direct order to the Pakistani LEA's to suppress the trouble makers.

Coming back to the 1970's, how conveniently you forget the sheer ferocity and volume of the domestic terrorism carried out by Awami League and their thugs. Their have been widespread reports of genocides and massacres conducted by Bengali nationalists against the Non Bengalis living in the province. In her book Dead Reckoning, Sarmila Bose based on eye witness accounts has recorded that Mukhti Bahni militants followed Nazi style practices of industrial mass murder especially of the Bihari's. Before all this happpened, in the late 60s, Non Bengali's living in the province had started facing widespread discrimination from their Bengali bretheren in the immediate after math of the rise of the Awami League. The Awami League leadership if anything is guilty of inciting hatred and discrimination towards Non Bengali's of the province to the extent that it led to a mass murder spree by nationalists. Awami league supporters also committed mass vandalism of public and private property especially in Dacca, they attacked and ransacked properties owned by the government of Pakistan as well as by civilians who were non Bengali. Even among the POW's handed over to the occupying Indian forces included thousands of prominent civilians as well. Where was Awami League's morality at the time. Infact the very image of Sheikh Mujib giving a grand royal salute to the Indian army at the Dhaka racecourse in 1972 as they left Bangladesh should be enough to open people's eyes about the extent of treason that happened, that sheer image is enough to disgust someone. How are him and his supporters not traitors, waging war against your own country, killing your own people, colluding with the enemy, handing over your army, civil servants and civilians over to the enemy forces, and then giving a VIP send off to that same occupying army which crossed international borders.

So to you left leaning Pakistani liberals, I suggest you check your facts and look at the other untold stories from the 71 war, some of the facts may shock some of you. There is no lie in treason by the Awami League, terrorism by the Mukti Bahni and Indian aggression as mentioned very briefly in our text book.s the reason no one talks about it is because of the severity of the trauma the events of 71 cause. Also you find me a single nation state that tolerates secessionist movements amidst its ranks, the British brutally cracked down on the IRA in Northern Ireland, the Spanish showed no mercy to the Basque separatists in the North, nor does Russia tolerate Chechen separatists, nor does India the country you love so much tolerate it in Kashmir or the North Eastern States. Think about it you disgusting Self Hating Pakistani's.