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Monday, April 21, 2014

Mir is a Traitor

Recently upon arrival in Karachi, shortly after exiting from Jinnah Airport, Renowned television presenter and journalist Hamid Mir was shot on his way to the Jang group HQ in Karachi after arriving from Islamabad. He is currently in hospital and out of danger. Since the news of the unsuccessful attack on him came to everyone's attention, there has been huge uproar on social media and a great amount of people including followers of Mir claiming solidarity with him and they see him as a noble fighter in the battle for Freedom of Speech and Expression. Not condoning what happened but the Veteran Jang group journalist and television presenter Hamid Mir, along with most of his network and fellow presenters are nothing more than traitors to their very own country and deserve not even an ounce of empathy or compassion. Compassion for Hamid Mir should end with his recovery from the hospital bed and it would be delusional to extend further support and compassion for him or his network.

Hamid Mir's style of provocative journalism which at times is not backed up by tangible evidence has drawn criticism even from among other senior journalists and analysts within his own network. Last night on 'Apas Ki Baat', Najam Sethi on his show which also airs on GEO TV, the television channel of the Jang group, called his colleague's style of journalism as irresponsible, provocative and immature without significant substantial evidence to back it up. Now if a sensible man who tries his very hard to be impartial is making such a statement about his own colleague, it leaves room for some food for thought. Now Hamid Mir along with his equally provocative other colleague Ansar Abbasi are known for their very Anti-Army, Anti-ISI and Anti Establishment stance. They often blame the army, intelligence agencies and the establishment for everything that goes wrong in Pakistan and they portray them as the greatest enemies of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan, yet at the same time not only do they give significant praises to self serving corrupt civilian politicians but they give a lot of press and media coverage to traitors of Pakistan through a very active propaganda program.

Now I do not know whether Hamid Mir is a paid stooge of Pakistan's enemies, whether he is purely exercising his unfair bargaining power in media by challenging the writ of the state or he is just another pathetic little self hating Pakistani. Over the years his prime time show on GEO television Capital Talk has become the most popular news related talk show on Pakistani television and in this due process he has attracted a viewership of millions to compliment his already fiery anti state columns in the Urdu Language daily Jang newspaper. Not very long ago on his show Capital Talk, he invited some national traitors on his show, including the much publicized and glorified Mama Qadeer Baloch, though this is not unusual for him and not the first time he has done so. Most media, especially the Jang group have portrayed Mama Qadeer Baloch and those like him as victims of state atrocities and as justified legitimate  campaigners and activists of people of Balochistan. Reality is far from this, as Mama Qadeer Baloch and his supporters his little so called group that marched all the way from Quetta to Islamabad via Karachi and Lahore has very deep links with BSO Azad which is the student political front for Baloch Separatist politics.

 BSO Azad has played a very active role in promoting Anti Pakistan sentiment among the youth of the province alongside creating this seige mentality where they have been lead to believe their under occupation. BSO Azad according to some reports have been responsible for xenophobic hate crime against ethnic Non Baloch in the province and have been responsible also for the death of some university professors along with the exodus of a far greater number. They have been brainwashing the youth of the province through literature that they have gotten published on a distorted version of Pakistan history, on Baloch nationalism, on them being an occupied nation as well as extensive literature on communism, Marxism and guirella warfare by portraying it as a romanticized affair. If anything they should be held accountable for all the chaos and disharmony that has engulfed the province since 2006, instead they are given a hero's welcome in other cities they visit by civil society despite the blood they have on their hands. Even when the BLA attacked and destroyed the Jinnah Residency in Ziarat (which by the way falls in the Pashtun majority part of the province) he immediately on live television proceeded to blame the ISI for it, even though the BLA had claimed responsibility and had even uploaded the video on YouTube which one of the attackers made with his own camera. Now if Hamid Mir was a true Pakistani, he would have been deeply incited and provoked by the manner in which those BLA terrorists burnt the Pakistani flag and took down a national symbol.

Hamid Mir, it seems is following in the foot steps of his father Waris Mir, who too was a traitor to Pakistan through his brand of fiery Anti State Journalism. Sometime last year, Hamid Mir, along with traitorous scums like Asma Jehangir flew to Dhaka for a ceremony hosted by the Bangladeshi government to honour the so-called Friends of Bangladesh, people Non Bangladeshi who played a significant role in the liberation of their country, that country itself was founded on treason but that is another story. Hamid Mir had the nerve and audacity to stand shoulder to shoulder with Indian war veteran's from 1971 and demanded the the government of Pakistan officially apologize for their war crimes in 71. Apologize for what? What about the war crimes committed by the Indian Establishment and the Awami League along with its militant wing the Mukhti Bahini. Let's also not forget his deep links with banned militant outfits that currently operate within Pakistan, the branch off shoots of Taliban and alike. His deep links with traitors of Pakistan can not be a coincidence, for they are all birds of feather that flock together. For the self hating Pakistani's crying for Hamid Mir in front of their Television screens, please switch the channel, there is no shortage of news channels in Pakistan.