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Thursday, January 10, 2013

For the Love of Burger

FatBurger FatBurger FatBurger. That's right people, you read correctly, FatBurger is the name of the California based chain that recently opened up in our very own beloved city by the sea. A great personal achievement is that after a very long time Karachi beat Lahore to it when it came to the first Pakistani store of a foreign franchise. In the last many many years now, most foreign franchises have preferred Lahore and opened up in the northern city, owing either to the relatively better security situation in the city or because of Lahore's reputation as being the food capital of Pakistan. Without a doubt the city of Lahore is a food lovers paradise but our city of 20 million by the sea does not deserve to  be ignored like this. The last time we had something grace our city first from foreign shores was KFC in the mid to late 90's with its first store near NIPA in Karachi's Gulshan e Iqbal area. McDonald's the world's largest chain graced Lahore before it come to our shoes, as did Gloria Jeans the famous Australian coffee chain, as did Cinnabon famous for its brilliantly awesome cinnamon baked goodies and of course Hardee's which opened up in Lahore a good 2 years before it made its debut in Karachi. 

It was a welcome bit of Good news that Lahore is FatBurger's next destination and they graced our city and its army of food lovers first. As the name describes it, FatBurger is all about the Burger, and the burger follows its brand name quite literally, the burger is big and fat. FatBurger opened its doors to the people of Karachi on Saturday the 5th of Jan 2013 at the Dolmen City mall in the Clifton area. I managed to convince a friend of mine that we should be there for the opening day, after all those big FatBurger bill boards all across Karachi did make a strong case for it and the burger had to be tried. I actually thought the joint had opened earlier and made a trip in vain an exact week before the actual opening to get my hands on a FatBurger.

We managed to get there on opening night at a very good time, just some bit after 8 pm, the Que was not massive, hence we did not expect to be standing in the Que very long but alas it was a good 2 hour wait in that line before I reached the counter and I could place my order for the FatBurger. Even though  my legs were sore, I would say it was kinda worth the wait, it was a unique burger experience and something I would like to go back for, even if the amount of calories in that big FatBurger could kill me. I went all out on experimentation and ordered the XXXL FatBurger, which featured three layers of beef patty well grilled patties if I might add. On top of that I asked them to give me all the add on's, yes that's right, all the add ons, so my add ons featured Beef Chilli, Beef Bacon, Egg, Extra Cheese and Jalepeno's. You gotta love that, that makes for a killer burger. With that many layers it was quite a challenge opening my mouth big enough to eat the burger, it did not take long to finish it though, a mere 10 minutes I would say considering all the time spent waiting for the food, well over 2 hours. Definitely something I am going back and definitely for the super Chilli Cheese Fries, and also for the curiosity about the taste bud sensation prospects of other menu offerings. 


  1. Interesting read. I loved the chili fries too, but I'm not going there until the fascination dies down and the wait time is reduced to 5 minutes or less. ;)