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Thursday, February 14, 2013

So where's the V-Day Haram happening again?

Photo: Faasla na rakhain. Pyaar honay dayn. Say YES to Love! #Karachi
Another year, another month of Feb, another Valentines day graces our calender. Another year where the religious right aka the mullah brigade is at it again condemning it as an act of immorality that will result in all hell breaking loose on the moral fabric of our society. Regardless of what one thinks of Valentines day, hate it, love it or our indifferent, it is still going to happen, there is now law in Pakistan that forbids it's celebration. And it seem's plausible that this trend will continue on for years, Valentines day will come, the mullah brigade with make its usual fuss, people wanting to celebrate it will celebrate by exercising their God given free will and on the next day life will resume as it was before the V day fever came in.

On this day (V-day), thousands of couples are going to be going out for dinner, exchanging gifts, spending time together and exchange moments of intimacy, and in the case of Pakistan since public displays of affection are frowned upon, all that will happen in complete privacy. Sure Valentines day is an overly commercialised day courtesy of the Hallmark Card culture and is drowning in Red, but that's a different story altogether, its a good kind of red by the way, not the red that represents spilled blood. For those bitterly opposed to Valentines day, here are some things you guys should know, majority of couples likely to celebrate it in Pakistan would be married couples, so yeah husbands buying flowers and gifts for their wives, and wives buying gifts for their husbands. They can celebrate their love all year long, a commercialised event just gives them another excuse to do it and enjoy in the process. Now what is more Halal than the love between a married couple, between a man and his wife? There is nothing Non Shariah about it.

I am curious, those of you guys bitterly opposed to the even mention of this day in Pakistan, is it because you  men do not want to spoil your wives by showering them with flowers and gifts, and you ladies, are you just upset that your husbands did not spoil you with gifts. We all know everybody likes getting gifts, if you really dislike gifts, shun the gifts that come your way on wedding anniversaries, birthdays and even your own wedding. Yes, I know what you are thinking, what about all the millions of high school, college and university students. Well most of them, their not full fledged mature age adults, their just looking to have some innocent fun, enjoy life and experience the joys that come with it. A lot of our youth appreciates life and what comes with it, hence their very proactive when it comes to festivities. Don't demonise this youth, their also fairly active on Eid-Milad-Nabi, you will find Milad celebrations across schools, colleges and universities so yeah there goes the excuse of religious insensitivity out the window. Their also very active on Independance day, so yeah you can not even accuse them of being overly westernised and insensitive to local culture. We live in a globalised world, certain set of events, cultural attributes or trends go beyond geographic borders.

If anything according to your individual definitions of shamefulness is happening, very very high probability that it is probably happening behind cloosed doors and what happens in the privacy of some one's home behind closed doors is of no course to any of us. What will happen on the surface level is nothing out of the ordinary, people will be going out for dinner, going out for a movie, spending time with one another like they usually do, the only difference is there will be a lot of RED going around and florists are going to make a killer buck today. Now what is so HARAM about an honest hard working florist who may be a devout Muslim selling flowers? He sells flowers every day, only difference is he is selling a huge lot more especially the roses.

So tell me again, where are the countless of shamelessness happening in public eye again? Please enlighten me as I am mighty curious to know. If nothing immoral or shameful is happening, keep your attitudes to your self and let the love flow.


  1. Assalam o alaikum! I have seen your blogs and I must congratulate you. At least you have a thinking mind. First thing first now, are you a Muslim? It seems that you are, as you quoted the verse that says "there is no restriction in deen (LA IKRAHA FID DEEN)" by the way the true meaning of this AYA is, that no one should be forcefully converted to Islam. Now if you are a Muslim then you have to follow what Allah has ordered you to do.

    I want to ask you if your own sister or daughter asks you that she wants to spend and enjoy this "INNOCENT FUN", will you allow that? if you would I am quite sure that most of the people celebrating this, wont.

    Another example, if your wife wants to celebrate this event with someone else, will you allow that? and if that is her "free WILL". I am sure 99% wont . So my brother who is going to draw THE LINE?

    Its not me , its not you, its the One who has created us. He has mentioned it in His Book what is HALAL and What is HARAM.

    And by the way nobody is stopping any body forcefully. its just the awareness that is being spread and which is our Religious Obligation. As Allah says " you are an ummah who enjoin what is good and forbid what is wrong"

    You and me all know what this Valentine's day is all about . We dont need this. Just go and read seerat e Muhammadi, take a look how he used to treat his wives, friends and fellow beings. He is our role model.

    Just to ad to your knowledge just go and check what jews and Hindus talk about this event. They are also against it as they say it is against their TAHZEEB.

    Lastly, we dont know that forbidding people against celebrating such event will actually bring a change or not, but at least we will have an excuse infront of Allah , that yes WE TRIED.

    MAy AllAH Give me and you Hidaya, health and safety in this world and Hereafter.

    Jazak Allah!

    Dr. Fazal

  2. You know the problem I have with valentine's day? We are suffering from inferiority complex. Its a pagan celebration. Do pagans celebrate Eid? No, they don't. And I know a lot of people have already said this but I'll say it again, why take one day out of 365 days and show someone how much you love them?. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself."